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Bubble bump soccer

Bubble bump soccer, bubble bump football, or Bubble Soccer is a sport loosely based on soccer, or association football, where players wear a large air-filled donut around their heads, torsos and hips and use them to bump other players while they guide a soccer ball to their goal. [1][2][3][4][5]

The bubble suits weigh 13 kilograms.[3] According to Αίθουσα Σύνταξης, the rules are the same as for regular soccer. But Charente Libre reported the game was played with only five players per team, described the game being a cross between football, Rugby and American football.[6]

The donuts are shaped like spheres, and the air within them is under just enough pressure that players bounce off one another, when they attempted to body-check one another.[1][2][3] Body-checks often result in both players bubbles rolling across the pitch.

The game was invented in Norway, in 2011, and is so popular there that games are broadcast on television.[6][7] A National Association of Bubble Soccer was founded, in the USA, in 2014.[8] In March of 2015 35 US cities had amateur leagues for organized play.[8] The Loudoun Times-Mirror reported, in August 2015, that the game was first played in the USA in 2013, and was now played in 37 states.[9] And there are companies such as AirballingLA | Bubble Soccer Party and Bubble Soccer Rental and Ultimate Team Building Activities Company that hosts Bubble Soccer Games in the United States and strives to increase the popularity of this sport.

John Anthony, the Commissioner of the National Association, wrote that initially, Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created the game as a joke, not anticipating how popular it would become.[8] Anthony wrote that a particular YouTube video of a game, played in Italy in 2014, went viral, and triggered a spike in the game's popularity.


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