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Bryan Mark Seiler

Seiler as seen in his live-stream circa March 2024
Born May 3, 1983 (1983-05-03) (age 40)
Nationality Australian
Occupation Hustling
Years active 2001–present
Known for Twilx, Fitrova, Clever DeFi, SAFUU, SAFUU GO, Vulkan Blockchain, YOMP, Hectic Turkey, Bird With Hat, Turkey Wif Hat and Pepe Wif Bling.

Bryan "King Legend" , real name Bryan Mark Seiler, (born May 3, 1983) is an alleged entrepreneur and YouTube influencer. He is best known for his questionable work within the cryptocurrency industry[1] and an obscure, for lack of a better work, search engine optimization business called Twilx, which auto-magically disappear for no apparent reason, even though Bryan himself claimed it was a multi-million dollar business[2]. Currently, Bryan is pushing a group of crypto currencies which have been label as "pump and dump scams". Some of them are "Bird With Hat", "Turkey Wif Hat" and "Max Mustard"[3] [4].

Personal life


Seiler has born in Adelaide, South Australia. According to information Bryan himself allegedly posted under the name "Bryzieb" in this wiki article months before. Information about Seiler's upbringing is scarce. Most information available on this topic comes from the two parts reporting by independent journalist Coffeezilla(Steven). In said investigation Bryan's aunt, Irene Hayes, grants Steven an interview[5]. It was revealed from this interview that Bryan was raised, alongside his aunt, by his grandparents. For his mother died when Seiler was around two years old [6].

Bryan Mark Seiler in Queensland
Bryan talking with his aunt about his debt

In some point of his life Bryan decided to move to Queensland. According to Irene Hales's testimony in Coffeezilla's reporting, Seiler was close to homelessness in multiple occasions. As proof Ms. Hales has various communications between herself and Bryan talking about his debts. Said communications suggest Seiler's debt was around $AUS 5084 sometime around May 6, 2015. This directly contradicts Bryan's statements of being rich before any crypto venture[7]. A possible explanation of Seiler's financial turmoil was given by Irene. According to her Bryan does not have any formal training or education, which forced him to take odd jobs[8].

Name Change

After some undisclosed time period, Seiler started to go by "Bryan King Legend". It is unknown if his legal name has been changed at all. According to Seiler, his family's jealousy motivated this decision [9]. By recollecting information on-line it is possible to estimate a time frame for Seiler's "name change". For instance, information regarding "Fitrova", one of Bryan's crypto ventures denounced as a scam, suggest Bryan Seiler still used his real or legal name in front of investors and in public or private communications. There are telegram chat records with Seiler's real name [10]. On the other hand, there is a blog post where "Tagz Exchange", another of Seiler's crypto ventures, is denounced as a scam[11]. In said blog post a Medium profile is labeled as Bryan's. This Medium profile has Seiler's face as profile picture and uses his real name[12]. Another piece of evidence is the last public statement made by Tagz Exchange, on June 30th 2020, before its liquidation. This communication was signed by the sitting Founder and CEO of this business under the name "Bryan M. Seiler"[13]. This evidences proofs than Mr. Seiler was using his legal name before the creation and during the existence of Fitrova and Tagz Exchange.

Using this information, it can be concluded that Bryan Seiler decided to change his name sometime after his crypto ventures Fitrova and Tagz Exchange came to an end. Hence, his decision is a direct consequences of said ventures.

Looking for more information on Bryan Seiler, legal documents from the Australian Business Register have been found. Said documents show the historical details of "Twilx Web Solutions", one of Bryan's business. According to this information, the Entity Name of said venture was "Seiler, Bryan Mark" up until 29 of April, 2021. After this date the Entity Name was changed to "Legend, Bryan King"[14]. Public information related to "Twilx Web Solutions" has also been found in the Australian Securities and Investment Comission. According to this report, the holder of the aforementioned company identifies himself as "BRYAN MARK SEILER". This statement holds true from March 20th, 2017, when the business was registered, to March 20th, 2020, date of the renewal[15].


Domain Hustl

From independent journalist Coffeezilla's investigation, it was found out that Bryan Seiler had sold Internet domains in a past. This activity was suggested to be domain flipping, as buying cheap Internet domains for a later sell at higher prices[16]. Evidence suggests Seiler acted under the username "bryzie555" on a site know as "namePros", which was created around August 2016. Said user profile makes references to Tagz Exchange in the section called "Signatures" using a hyperlink. When clicked, this hyperlink redirects to the domain[17]. It is important to remember that Tagz Exchange was one of the many crypto or blockchain "ventures" created by Bryan that were accused of begin a "scam"[18]. According to the information available in CoinMarketCap, the official domain of Tagz Exachange was, the same domain related to the user bryzie555[19]. When visiting the aforementioned domain, an auction for its property is displayed. The logo of Tagz Exchange is present in said webpage[20]. This claim can be verify in the official CoinMarketCap site of Tagz Exchange and the history archive of the domain[19][21].

Bryan plays more Poker.


Two Poker Record sites make reference to Bryan Seiler, those are "the Hedon MOB" and "Card Play". Both sites claim Bryan made an appearance in the 2010 edition of PokerStars ANZPT No-Limit Hold'em Main Event in Adelaide, Australia. His buy in was $US 2730 and his earnings where $US 4638[22] [23].

Bryan plays Poker.


It is well known than Seiler is fan of golf. Around September 28, 2023 it was reported than Bryan Seiler and one other sufferd a terrible golf cart accident. According to sources Mr. Seiler's hip was broken after said golf cart flip and felt on top of him[24]. This accident was partialy confirm by Bryan himself in his Twitter(X) profile[25]. On recent livestreams Bryan shared he still is in recovery.

YouTube Channels and Online Music Career

Bryan as AngryMealTime.

It was reported that Seiler has had two YouTube channels so far. The first one called "AngryMealTime", where Bryan tried a career as a entertainer. The second YouTube channel is called @BryanLegend. Said channel has been used by Bryan to promote different crypto ventures. Some of this projects were SAFUU, YOMP, Hectic Turkey, SAFUU Go, SAFUU X and the Vulcan Blockchain. Most the content related to said projects was deleted by Seiler. However, there are archive records of their existence[26] [27].

It was also reported Mr. Seiler used to have an account in the site called "Smule". His alleged username in this site was "Bryzieb". According to Internet Archive records, this Smule user existed sometime around May 22, 2020 and September 1, 2022[28][29]. This user profile used to hold multiple videos of Bryan singing to songs like:



Created on March 20th, 2017 under the entity name Bryan Mark Seiler. Twilx is a web based company which offers many services like[30]:

  • Search Engine Submission. Which claims to list a business on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and AOL.
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO). Which claims to catapult a website to the #1 spot on Google's results.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Natural Link Building.
  • Web Developement and Design.
  • Website Performance.

According to Twilx official web-page, the results of hiring any of the services mention above where guaranteed on a 14 days average period[30][31].

Even though the Australian Business Register claims Twilx still operates to this day, the official site to Twilx has been down since June 19th 2021[14][32].

Twilx Reviews

According to Internet records of Twilx official web-page, this business has had 8 testimonials in their favor; from March 23th 2017 to January 9th 2018. Seven reviews of this business can be found in the site Trustpilot, 4 of them are negative and 3 of them are positive[30][31] [33].

Twilx and Fitrova

Fitrova was one of Mr. Seilers crypto ventures which ended in failure. Between June 27th and 28th Fitrova informed its investors that Twilx would acquired this crypto project. A company that had no know experience on blockchain was going to back a failing crypto project. According to Fitrova itself this measure was taken to face the FUD () around the project. This locked the inverstors's money, forcing them to change their Fitrova tokens for Twilx SEO tokens. Sometime around October 28, 2018 Fitrova announce its suspension and eventual ending[34][35][36].

Conveniently, the Twilx official web-page changed around July 6th 2018 to reflect their new venture, claiming they were a "Blockchain SEO". This means that Twilx went from begin a regular search engine optimization (SEO) business on March 27, 2017, to a blockchain business in a year and four months[37].

Twilx and Scapegoating

Bryan Seiler has been questioned multiple times about his self-proclaimed welth. During a chat with some of his investors, Mr. Seiler claimed Twilx was a multi-million dollar business. Hence Twilx was a source for his vast capital. This claim contradicts the information available about Twilx. The lacking number of reviews, the questionable relationship with a failed crypto project, and an unexplainable disappearance does not correlated with a multi-million dollar business[2].


Prof of Bryan Legend real name and his entrepreneurship record, according to the ASIC.
More evidences...

Created in 2020, Clever DeFi was develop by Bryan as a Crypto Decentralized Finance Protocol called Clever DeFi. The Clever DeFi protocol had a 14 day cycle where it was supposed to rewarded its holders with an interest on their principle amount. It was advertised as "unrugable", meaning the liquidity of this crypto project could never be drain by a nefarious third-party. According to the FAQ of Clever DeFi, its liquidity was locked for 12 months, since the keys required for access were cryptically stored in cloud service; under a time-lock mechanism. However, after one month of operation, all the capital present in the liquidity pool was taken. According to blockchain data, said funds were removed under the function "Remove Liquidity"[1] [38]. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), this business is going thought a strike-off action [39].

Bryan admits to draining the Liquidity Pool.


Crypto project based on gym culture. Bryan claimed it was partner with Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Anytime Fitness and many others. When asked, the aforementioned business denied out front any involvement with Fitrova. Evidences suggest Seiler used the investors money to go to the Bahamas[10].

The SAFUU Saga

Created in 2022, after Bryan, somehow, became a millionaire. The SAFUU project (as in your money is SAfe, and if you ask cow, FUU) claimed to offer a 383025.8% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). It also implemented a burn wallet called "The Fire Pit". This wallet was used to burn SAFUU tokes and reduce supply. This is a typical crypto strategy, but it requires a wallet with no access whatsoever. In the case of SAFUU this death wallet was not locked, the keys were in Bryan Seiler's power. This meant that he could dump a big amount of SAFUU tokens onto the market, plummeting the price of the token. It was reported the firepit wallet hold around US$ 32 million. Some point down the line Bryan Seiler admitted to posses the keys to the firepit wallet, claiming all was a test of trust[1] [38].

Bryan Legend admits to having access to the SAFUU firepit and using the money.

The Treasure Pit Quest, Goblin and GhostOfThePast

On June 2nd, 2022, Bryan Seiler announced the Treasure Pit Quest promo for SAFUU. It consisted in "figuring out" the seed-phrase of a wallet with US$ 1 million of SAFUU tokens. The winner of this promo identify itself with the discord user "Goblin#1646". Goblin claimed to hack the promo using a crypto mining facility in Canada. For context, one has more chances of winning the lottery back to back than cracking a seed-phrase. Some evidence suggest the username Goblin#1646 was changed to Ghostofthepast#1646, like the chat history in the SAFUU Discord. For some funny reason, during SAFUU existence, any user that tagged Ghostofthepast in the official SAFUU discord was banned by Bryan Legend himself. This leads to believe than Goblin/Ghostofthepast is Seiler himself. Since it would be impossible for a discord user to know when a different discord user is tagged in some publication or message. [40].

The Schmidt Group

On of the largest holders of the SAFUU. They were dumping the token every time SAFUU's price would peak. This person identify in the SAFUU discord as SchmidtGroup#2555. Evidence shows this username changed to RapMan#2555. RapMan was seen in the discord of The One token. Afterwards, Bryan Legend started to post about the One Token. This coincidence suggest that Bryan is RapMan. At the same time, Seiler would ban anyone that would use the name RapMan in the SAFUU discord, for unknown reasons. Some point in the history of SAFUU Bryan claimed he was behind The SchmidtGroup and his actions where "Market Making"[41].

The SAFUU Racing Team

Used as an excuse for the missing capital in SAFUU finances, racing team called Safuu Racing was founded. It raced in the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship. This racing team went poof as soon as it was founded.

Hectic Turkey

A new meme coin created by Mark Seiler to take advantage of the the meme coin bull-run in the crypto space. It claims to to have an automated buy-back and burn program "leading to everlasting price appreciation of the $HECT token". Now, anyone with some common senses would realize how stupid this is. It's impossible to claim the value of a currency or investing will always go up, that is just wishful thinking. It goes against all economic principles. This type of claims are typical of a crypto scam. The fact that Bryan Mark Seiler has created multiple crypto scams in the past is not a good sign for the future of this alleged ponzi scheme[42][43]. It's also worth noting that Hectic Turkey makes the same claims SAFUU did back in the day, using a burn wallet (firepit) to keep pumping the price. It's very likely that, just like Bryan did with SAFUU, the Hectic Turkey burn wallet will be used in a rug-pull or pump and dump scam. Another RED FLAG of Hectic Turkey is the so called locked liquidity, it is important to remember this is not the first time Seiler claims to used a locked liquidity pool. In fact one of the first scams he created, Clever DeFi, made the same claim. The roadmap for Hectic Turkey is also problematic, there is no hint of a possible use-case for this currency, even though Bryan himself claims said project is a "utility" meme coin. What is the utility?

The Return of Goblin#1646

Just like in SAFUU days, Bryan Seiler has used a giveaway promotion on Hectic Turkey. This promo claims to give $US 5000 to a random group of Hectic holders. The infamous Goblin "character" that Bryan used to , allegedly, steal his old Treasure Quest during the SAFUU days, came back during the Hectic Turkey Giveaway. In a big coincidence this Goblin individual won 3 of the 7 prices available in the giveaway. It is very likely Bryan Seiler has used this allegedly fake character to steal money in front of HECT holders; $US 3250 was the amount of money "Goblin" ran away with[44].

Bryan Got Hack

Around March 22th, 2024, information arouse claiming that part of the money backing the HECT token have disappear. According to this claims Bryan assure the investors, if any, the money had been taken by hackers [45]. This is not the first time Bryan has used the "hackers" excuse to dump his own tokens on the market and draining the liquidity of the investors. Essentially stealing investors money. Look and Clever Defi and Fitrova for examples.

2023 Investigations by Multiple Online Investigators

Multiple YouTube personalities profiled Bryan, most notably scam investigator Coffeezilla.[39][1][38][46] Bryan is yet to responded with a video of his own, having deleted all content from his online social media platforms after the release of Coffeezilla's investigation. No activity has been seen from Bryan in the cryptocurrency industry after Coffezilla's publication "Scammer BEGGED Me Not to Investigate". Bryan is estimated to have taken a total of ~$40M dollars from investors. It is believed that the stolen funds were used to purchase a large $3.5M property in Hope Island, Queensland[47] in early October 2022[48] where Australian comedian, entertainer and investigator Jordan Shanks-Markovina (aka. friendlyjordies) attempted to interview Bryan[39].

Wikipedia, WikiAlpha, Self-Written Misleading Articles

In Early 2023, Bryan under his online alias of "Bryzieb" created false Wikipedia and WikiAlpha pages which intended to attract keen investors into his cryptocurrency scams through the false information presented which presented him as a notable and reputable investor, which has ultimately been disproved[1][38]. His strategy with regard to his online presence was to either pay for online articles to be created about him, or alternatively find reputable publishers with self-written community article features and create a false narrative as these articles have minimal editorial oversight, and are is generally unreliable[49]. Bryan would then use these paid for or self-written articles in an attempt to validate the false information presented on his pages, where it went unnoticed on WikiAlpha for numerous months. Bryzie attempted to alter any modifications made by third parties which would represent him in a truer form, however he has given up despite harassing community members[50]. Bryan's Wikipedia page on the other hand was deleted due to the discovery of the sources being self-written articles created by Bryan and ultimately been deemed as a promotional piece created by himself[51].

Response to Early Criticism on Reddit in 2022

In 2022, Bryan and his cryptocurrency projects began receiving early criticism and skepticism regarding their legitimacy on the Reddit website due to his past.[18] Bryan, or his agents, filed a defamation complaint over one of those Reddit pages[52]. Bryan's complaints had been sent to Google prior to popular and widely accepted investigations released to YouTube in 2023[39][1][38][46] and therefore the claim was accepted by Google.

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