Bruticus Maximus

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Transformers character
Bruticus Maximus art by Dreamwave Productions
Name Bruticus Maximus
Japanese name Bruticus
Series Transformers: Energon
English voice actor Trevor Devall
Japanese voice actor Makoto Yasumura
Alternate modes Five robots
Function Military Union Soldier
Motto "Destruction is eternally universal!"
Sub-group Combiners, Destruction Team

Bruticus Maximus is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Energon

The character Bruticus Maximus in Transformers: Energon is a direct homage to the Generation 1 Bruticus. He retains his form of combining out of five individual vehicles: an anti-aircraft truck (Barricade/Onslaught), two helicopters (Blackout/Vortex and Stormcloud/Blast Off) and two tanks (Blight/Brawl and Kickback/Swindle).

Animated series

The animated series does not refer to any of the components by name - in it, only the central body is intelligent, and the limbs are drones. The five robots transform only from vehicle mode into combined mode, never into their individual robot forms (apart from one out-of-continuity episode).

Bruticus Maximus was one of four combining Transformers sealed away in stasis beneath the surface of Cybertron to guard a hidden reservoir of Super Energon. Megatron, guided by Unicron, set out to search for it, and destroyed one of the immobile robots, Dauntless Maximus, in his rage, only for the reservoir to then reveal itself. As the guardians awakened, Megatron immersed himself in the Super Energon to upgrade himself into Galvatron, and Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus immediately swore fealty to Galvatron as the one who had awoken them. Their "brother," Superion Maximus, refused, recognising Galvatron's evil and siding with the Autobots.

Bruticus Maximus added plenty of firepower to the Decepticons' side, and he and Constructicon Maximus had several clashes with the traitorous Superion Maximus, until the time for their final battle came, set against the backdrop of the struggle to stop the Unicron-possessed Galvatron out in space. Constructicon Maximus was deactivated by Superion Maximus, who then had his limbs destroyed by Bruticus Maximus, but transferred Constructicon Maximus's limbs to himself and used them to defeat Bruticus, along with a little help from the ghost of the "brother" Megatron had destroyed.


Although Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Energon series was canceled before it was able to introduce Bruticus Maximus, art of him and the team members was seen done for the unreleased issues of Transformers Energon: More Than Meets The Eye.


  • Energon Bruticus Maximus (2004)[1]
A gift set of Bruticus Maximus, featuring all five vehicles that transform into robots and combine into one. In the same fashion as the original G1 combiners, Bruticus Maximus can exchange limbs to any desired configuration (i.e. the tanks as legs and the arms as arms or vice-versa, or one limb of each vehicle).

Aligned Continuity

In Transformers: Exodus, the name Bruticus Maximus is applied to the Aligned version of normal Bruticus.


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