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Broadwell Technology Co.,Ltd. Ponishare-verified.png
Established 2003
Type Private
Products Air Dome

Broadwell Air Domes founded in 2003, is the global leader in air supported structures.


Broadwell Air Domes is a multinational corporation with divisions across the globe. Having the largest dome manufacturing center and domes operational in 17 countries makes them the world's largest air dome producer. Their superior dome design ensures to produce the safest, strongest domes in the world.

Factory Show

Broadwell Manufacturing Park is the Biggest in current world and the only air dome factory base in China.

The Manufacturing Park and air dome production workshop #1 and workshop #2 were completed in 2015 and in 2017 respectively.

The park covers a total area of 33,145 ㎡ and has two air dome clean room with an area of 9,000 ㎡ and 6,400 ㎡ respectively.

The air dome production workshop is large enough to meet the spreading operation of the membrane. The membrane can be strictly cut, welded and perforated according to the design drawings.

The manufacturing park is equipped with the most advanced membrane and steel cable production and processing equipment such as the track-type integrated cutting machine, the heat-sealing machine. the longest 120-meter rail machine in China.

The manufacturing park's annual production capacity will reach 5 million square meters.

Broadwell R&D Center

Industry Uniqueness:

Xi’an R&D Center, which was established in 2012, is the unique air dome R&D center in the industry.

Experts Team:

The team is led by the First-Level registered architect and First-Level registered constructor. Which brings together 27 experts who come from constructional engineering, spatial/ structure, electrical automation, computer, hvac and other majors.

Industry-Study-Research Cooperation:

Establish long-term industry-study-research strategic cooperative relations with Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, Chang’an University and other famous architectural universities of China.

High R&D investment:

Broadwell’s R&D investment is up to 10% every year.


1. 90% of the work is completed within the factory, the installation work on the site takes a few days, ensuring almost zero construction waste.

2. Compared with traditional structure, air dome can save more than 70% of construction cost, and more than 50% operation cost.

3. Our key technology “Bias Harness Cable Net System” makes our air dome withstand 67m/s hurricanes (level16 typhoon) and more than 250kg/sqm of snow.

4. Our unique technology “Blue Sky” air purification system, which can block 99% of dust, germs, etc. Also makes the temperature and humidity inside our dome easily under control.

5. You can use our control and remote monitoring system to manage your air dome very easily.

6. There is no limitation as Air dome can be installed on different ground, concrete, grass, soil, or even the roof. Also, air dome can be connected with other structures, like concrete structure, steel structure, glass structure, etc.


1. Pre-Sales Consulting

24/7 Free Pre-Sales Consulting Service

2. Design

Full package of air dome design

3. Manufacturing

Biggest air dome manufacturing center in the world, around 50,000sqm, high cleanliness workshop, with annual output of 5 minion sqm.

4. Installation Service

Experienced Engineers in the site to provide the installation supervision services.

5. After Sales Service

24/7 After-Sales consulting service and support.

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