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Bi-Borgs is a custom toy line created by Mathew Robert Ignash in 2017.

Main characters

Splicer-Dicer figure render
  • BB001 Splicer-Dicer
Professor Splicer is the mad genius who perfected the Bi-Borg process, which turns two cyborgs into a single unit more powerful than the sum of it's parts. He is combined with the violent techno-entity Dicer who enjoys cutting the Professor's victims up with his Dicer Axe nearly as much as the professor likes combining them into a new life.

Slash-Backslash figure render
  • BB002 Slash-Backslash
Slash-Backslash is the primary executioner for Professor Splicer. The formerly human Backslash holds his victims in place with superhuman strength while the techno-entity Slash chops them into pieces with his Slasher-Basher weapon.
  • BB003 Trapper-Creeper
Trapper-Creeper is the Bi-Borg henchman who tracks and captures the victims of Professor Splicer to help test his latest "improvements". Trapper is a techno-entity who can capture almost any target, while Creeper is an undead master tracker who always finds their prey.
  • BB004 Mega-Kill
Merged by Professor Splicer after the pair nearly killed each other in the Arena. Megaborg is a former miner and Killborg is a fallen protector. Now this deceptive renegade seeks to lead the evil band of Bi-Borgs, but keeps stabbing himself in the back. Attacks with his Mega-Cannon and Kill-Wheel. Mortal enemies with the heroic Leader-Prime.
  • BB005 Giga-Murder
Giga-Murder was created in a neon explosion when Mega-Kill tripped while attempting to steal an experimental duplication beam for Professor Splicer. Although his abilities are identical to Mega-Kill, Giga-Murder is totally delusional, believing himself to be the superior next generation of Bi-Borg. He tends to speak in rap music lyrics when excited. Sadly the accident with the duplication beam could never be duplicated.
  • BB006 Gillman
  • BB007 Leader-Prime
A heroic Bi-Borg formed from the bonding of a idealistic dock worker and a humble protector. Guards all sentient life with his powerful repeller fist and razor sharp energy hatchet.
  • BB008 Strike 1-Strike 2
  • BB009 Grimlock

Supporting characters

  • SP01 Shotshark


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