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Transformers character
Generations Combiner Wars Betatron
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Five Autobots

Transformers: Generations


Betatron the name of a fictional characters from the Transformers series. He is a combiner introduced in 2015.

Transformers: Generation 1

Introduced in 2015, Betatron is the combined form of Scattershot and several other Transformers. Although it is said Scattershot can combine with anyone to form Betatron, the only depiction of Betatron shows him combining with Ironhide, Mirage, Prowl and Sunstreaker, who just happen to be the four Deluxe class Combiner Wars toys released about the same time as Voyager Scattershot.

Betatron should not be confused with Comperian, a combiner made with Scattershot combining with Air Raid, Blades, Lightspeed and Skydive, with Computron, a combiner made by Scattershot combining with Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone and Strafe, or with Cybertron Super Scramble, a combiner made by Scattershot combining with Air Raid, Blades, Nosecone and Skydive.


Hasbro designers were asked about why they made Scattershot and Betatron at the BotCon 2016 Hasbro panel. They said there was no plan for a Computron at the time and they needed one more Voyager toy for the line, so the designed Scattershot to form Betatron to be the precursor to Computron.[1]

Fictional biography

Scattershot can form Combiner robots that aren't slowed by the conflict that comes from merging five personalities into one. He's the secret weapon the Autobots call on when they need to quickly form and re-form new Combiner robots during battle.



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