Bambi Leong

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Bambi Leong
Born Leong Kai Mei
September 17, 1993 (1993-09-17) (age 30)
Nationality Singaporean
Citizenship Singapore
Alma mater National University of Singapore
  • Socialite
  • Occultist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Tarot card reader
  • Psychic reader
  • Heiress
  • The Love Witch Singapore
  • Healeir Singapore
  • The Love Witch Xperience
Height 5 ft 5 in

Bambi Leong (born September 17, 1993), also known as BambiDarkWitch, is a well-known Singaporean witch,[1] occultist, tarot card reader, self-proclaimed psychic, socialite and entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Love Witch Singapore, a witchcraft business that provides a range of services, including love spells, reiki healing, and money spells. Leong has gained popularity as Singapore's celebrity witch and entrepreneur.[2][3]

Leong is a fifth generation inheritor of a conglomerate manufacturing company in Singapore and is a next-gen heiress. She owns two witchcraft outlets in Singapore, and has extended her business and fame to Malaysia in 2023.

Early life and education

Leong was born and raised in Singapore, the daughter of Mark Leong and Jessica Tan. She attended several schools, including New Town Secondary School, St. Margaret Secondary School, and Nanyang Junior College, and obtained a degree in political science from the National University of Singapore.

She topped in Mathematics in her school and would frequently be the top 10 student in her cohort.

Leong's experiences with the paranormal started at a young age. From the age of two, she began seeing shadows flickering and halved bodies. Her mother and grandmother, who had similar experiences, revealed to her that they were from a lineage of witches. She is fluent in 6 languages, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, French and Korean.


Before gaining recognition as a prominent witch, Leong worked as an English tutor for secondary school and junior college students. However, in 2019, she decided to leave her tutoring job to pursue offering tarot card reading services on Carousell, an online platform. This move proved to be a turning point for her, as it helped her discover her true calling as a witch.[4][5]

Within a short span of two months, she earned $10,000 from local customers on Carousell. She later expanded her business to Etsy, a global e-commerce platform, where she consistently earned $30,000 a month and garnered almost a thousand 5-star reviews.[6] As a result, she began attracting clients from all over the world.[7][8]

Following her successful venture on Etsy, Leong established The Love Witch Singapore, a complete witchcraft store that offers a wide range of services, including tarot reading, reiki, chakra healing, and communicating with the dead or cursing the living. The store offers spell-casting products such as candles, oils, and jewelry that have been imbued with the help of various deities. Bambi hopes to promote the experience and knowledge of polytheism through her work and business. The store has both a physical and online presence, and Leong has become a well-known figure in Singapore, having been featured in numerous news articles and magazines. She has also collaborated with luxury fashion brands such as Moschino and Dior.[9][10][11]

Leong earns over $70,000 per month from her diverse services, which include casting spells, reading tarot cards, selling haunted dolls, and creating candles in the form of genitalia. She also operates a "School of Witchcraft" to educate future generations of witches.[12][13][14]

In addition to her core offerings, Leong has extended her services to include reiki and chakra healing, which she believes can alleviate physical ailments in both humans and animals. The Love Witch has become a sought-after destination for those seeking spiritual guidance and magical products.[15][16]


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