Balachandar Karthikeyan

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Balachandar Karthikeyan
Balachandar Karthikeyan
Born 12 October 1994 (1994-10-12) (age 29)
Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
Residence Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
Nationality Indian
Education Bachelor of Science
Alma mater Kongu Arts and Science College
Occupation Entrepreneur
Height 175 centimetres
Weight 80 kilograms
Religion Hinduism
  • Karthikeyan Ayyavoo
  • Sudha Karthikeyan

Balachandar Karthikeyan is an Indian tech genius and the founder of Bringar Apps LLC. He was born on October 12, 1994, in Erode. Balachandar has always wanted to build a successful tech company and has accomplished a great deal. He is most famous for his countless achievements and expertise in the field of computers and technology.[1]

Early Life

Balachandar was brought up in Erode after being born on October 12, 1994. He has had the childhood dream of doing something outrageous. He always had faith that his efforts and determination would one day make it possible, and his dream would come true one day.


Balachandar has completed his primary education at Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode. He is a graduate of a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode.


Balachandar began his career when he was in college with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship. Today, he is the founder of Bringar Apps LLC. Bala has always had a keen interest in computers, technology, and hacking; he has learned most of these things by himself. When he was completing his BSc, he found something that no one noticed: a bug in WhatsApp's security. Which he reported to the WhatsApp team. And things changed when he was invited to work with WhatsApp's co-founder. Then he worked on another big project, Signal Messenger.

Over time, Balachandar founded his own company, and with that, he reached millions of people. His company, Bringar Apps LLC, achieved significant success because of his innovative thinking and drive to advancement.

Family and Affairs

Balachandar was born and raised in Erode, where his entire family still resides. The members of Balachandar's family are his parents and brother. Sudha Karthikeyan and Karthikeyan Ayyavoo are his parents. His brother is Arvind Karthikeyan.


Balachandar weighs 80 kg and stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall. His model-worthy physique, dark brown eyes, and jet-black hair further add to his allure.


Balachandar's professional achievements, wealth, and recognition are intriguing as a result of his contributions to the technology industry. The renowned newspaper India Today named him the Young Indian Personality of the Year 2022.

Trivia & Facts

  • Balachandar has self-learned most of the computer techniques.
  • He can fluently speak and write in two languages, English and Tamil.
  • Balachandar is one of the geniuses who has a big contribution To WhatsApp and Signal Messenger.[2]

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