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Backfiery is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Kickback created by FansProject in 2011.


Backfiery is a fictional character created by FansProject and is an homage to Generation 1 Kickback. When he was first announced he was named Backfire.


FansProject first teased outlines of Backfiery in December 2010.[1]

They revealed the name Backfire and a gray scale picture of Backfiery in January 2011.[2]

In the moonbase2 podcast for January 9th, 2011 Dave and Andy mentioned the upcoming Backfiery toy.[3]

Promotional images of Toyworld's TW-T01 compared it to Backfiery.[4]

In 2012 an unlicensed copy of the toy was released by an unnamed company.

FansProject displayed two remolds of Backfiery at TFcon 2012. One was Warbug and it turned into a jet. The other was other was an homage to the Generation 1 Decepticon Ransack.


The WTF@TFW podcast for February 24th, 2011 selected pictures the Backfire, Stormbomb and ThunderShred prototypes as one of the New Picture Picks.[5]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for October 10th, 2011 discussed Backfiery being released in the news.[6]

Backfiery was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[7]

Fictional biography

Collector card: Back-105's Diary Entry # 152

How long as it been ?

Since the day I was created in PIT facility, I knew I was different. Every other Proto-Insectclone back there has no desire of their own; they follow orders, do training and kill each other every day. They don't even want their own name.

But I want to be different. I want to have a name, I want to be unique, and I be free.

Today I finally acquired my own name – Backfiery. I am no longer Back-105...I AM BACKFIERY ! Yet, I still do not feel unique. With these new powers, I can proceed, and when the “Object” is retrieved, I can finally make myself unique, very soon.....

I can't wait for that day to come.

FansProject web site: The quickest of his brothers, Backfiery was recovered and converted by the powerful Skycrow. Like his brothers, ThunderShred and Stormbomb, he acquired the art of Ninjutsu and adopted the philosophy of Godai to harness the power of "Fire". With his speed, weaponry and ability to bring the heat to any battle, Backfiery poses a serious threat to all of his enemies. Driven also by revenge, Backfiery has a fiery temper that makes him unpredictable and highly volatile - an adversary that can really catch his opposition off-guard.


  • FansProject Causality CA-03 Backfiery (2011)
A new mold. Comes with weapons and a collector card.
This toy was remolded and recolored into Plunder. He was to be remolded into an unnamed Warbug.
  • Reprolabels Labels for FP Backfiery (2011)
A set of labels that make Backfiery look more like Generation 1 Kickback, which include Decepticon symbols.[8]
  • FansProject Causality CA-03 Backfiery (2012)
A near perfect duplicate of Backfiery, not manufactured by the original company.



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