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Babil Games
Type Private
Industry Gaming
Area served Worldwide
Parent Stillfront Group

Babil Games LLC is a mobile games publisher based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.[1][2][3] It is a subsidiary of Swedish gaming group, Stillfront Group.[4] Mohammed Fahmi is the chief executive officer of the company.[5][6]

It was founded in 2012 by Mohammed Fahmi and Abdullah Fahmi.[7]

It is known for mobile games such Admiral, Asefat Al-Dababat, Niba Harb 2, Tank Storm, Jaish Al-Foolath, Call of War 2, and Call of War 3.[8][9] More than 50 percent of top-ten mobiles are published Babil Games.[10]

The company has presence in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.[8][11]


The company was founded in 2012 by Mohammed Fahmi, Abdullah Fahmi, and Hubertus Thonhauser.[7]

In 2017, Swedish gaming group, Stillfront Group, acquired Babil Games for USD 17 million.[8]

Babil Games has made localized versions of Strike of Nations in eight languages.[12] It is also publisher of Call of War 3 which was a high-grossing game in the Middle East and North Africa.[13]

In 2021, the company was included in the Great Place to Work list and also received Best Office Luxury Award.[14]


Following are the some notable games published by Babil Games:[15]

  • Nida Harb 3[16]
  • Strike of Nations
  • Baloot Royale
  • War Storm
  • Rage of Kings
  • Tank Storm
  • Admiral


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