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Ashish Puri Ponishare-verified.png Ashish-Puri.jpeg
Born 1999/11/11
Nationality Nepali
Education Bachelor (BIM)
Occupation Media Personality, Developer, Digital Marketer
Organization Dashnami Yuwa Samaj, Film Journalist Association, Federation of Journalist, Photojournalist Nepal.
Known for Youth Entrepreneur, Developer, Digital Marketer.
Notable works Social Activist
Home town Pokhara
Height 5.6
Weight 55
Parents Bishnu Puri, Radha Puri

Early Life

Ashish Puri is an Pokhara based Media Personality. He was born in Pokhara on 1999 Nov 11 (11/11) at Pokhara. He started Working on social media Platform from 2012. He used to built Gaming tools at begining. He has interest in IT related Field, So he used to built website, apps, tools, etc at early age. He has worked for Various platforms for Social Work,Business Promotion, Business Consultent, Content Creating. He started a social media page 'Troll Pokhara' which has 8lakhs likes on it now.


Ashish Puri worked on various platform like Web development, Photography, Media journalism, Video editing, Graphic Design Event Management/Planner, Business Promotions, His mission is to promote business based on Pokhara and Nepal. Now he is presented as Photojournalist also manage most of all the events at Pokhara. He Owns a Online Food delivery Services 'Tasty MoMo' at pokhara. He also runs Promoting Page "Troll Pokhara" Which has more than 8Lakhs Likes on it. He works on various online Platform. He is Board Member of Many Organizations like Federation of Journalist, Film Journalist Associaition, Dashnami Yuwa Samaj, Rotaract Club, and many social groups. Using this organization Ashish Puri has always ready to do Social work on his way.


Personal Life

Ashish Puri is a Nepali Media person who has earned popularity through his work at this age. Ashish Puri is quite famous in Pokhara from is presents at social media and his work. He has good impressions on his social media network. Also He is counted as Influencer at Pokhara. Ashish Puri has also collaborated with several commercials. His Personal Life is quite simple as a students. Currently Studing Bachelor in IT makes him Busy.He Runs his business Tasty Mo:Mo and his other Online Business. Besides That At his free time He has a social media page 'Troll Pokhara' which has 8lakhs likes on it.

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