Ashish Jain

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Ashish Jain
Ashish Jain
Born 11 August 1983 (1983-08-11) (age 40)
Delhi, India
Residence Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Education Bachelor of Business Administration
Alma mater Rochester Institute of Technology
Occupation Investor
Home town Delhi
Religion Jainism
  • Pinki Jain *Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain, also known as a "lover of maths and finance," is a young and highly successful stock trader and investor from Delhi, India.[1] Making multiple exceptional decisions, his education in finance and trading, and the brilliance of his investment strategies brought him a significant fortune through stocks.[2]

He acquired tremendous wealth through investments in a matter of seconds and is continuing (which, of course, has required a great deal of expertise and knowledge gained over the past several years) and is now committed to serving as a mentor and growth builder for others, especially youth.[3]

Early Life

Ashish Jain was born on August 11th into a business family in Delhi, the capital city of India. His parents are Mr. Ashok Jain and Mrs. Pinki Jain. After finishing his schooling in Delhi, he went to New York for further education and earned his bachelor’s degree.[4]


He was born into a Jain family and attended the renowned Modern School on Barakhamba Road in Delhi, where he completed his 12th. Being from a business background further encouraged him to learn more about business and finance. He had a keen interest in calculating numbers and wealth creation from a young age.[5]

But he was slightly different from his family in that he constantly sought to learn about stocks and investments. His parents encouraged his passion and sent him to the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology to obtain a BBA in finance. Later, as an investor in modern India, he made millions of dollars using his knowledge and investment strategies.[6][7]


Ashish Jain is 5’11” tall with black hair and eyes. His outward demeanor reveals more of his intellectual character and desires to see those around him grow.

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