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Arctic Gateway Group is a public private partnership formed to own and operate the Hudson's Bay Railway, from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba.[1][2][3]

The consortium's partnership agreement has a term of 99 years.[4] CBC News reports that ownership of the partnership is split fifty-fifty between several private companies, and several local First nations.[5] It reported that the two major private partners are "Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings and Saskatchewan-based grains company AGT Food and Ingredients."


Murad Al-Katib, the CEO of AGT, said one possible revenue source could be foreign eco-tourists.[4]

While grain had traditionally been the major cargo shipped from the port Al-Katib said the partnership would look into shipping potash, ore and petroleum products.[4]

According to Maclean's magazine, when first constructed, it was imagined that petroleum products, from Prairie deposits, could be shipped, by rail, to then be shipped by tanker to foreign markets.[6] This idea has been abandoned.


On November 19, 2018, Al-Katib announced that freight service had begun, and that passenger service is expected to begin by the end of November.[5]

On September 1, 2021, researchers described their efforts to predict floods of the right of way that have caused derailments in the past..[7]

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