Ankush Anami

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Ankush Anami
Ankush Anami
Born 22 December 1989 (1989-12-22) (age 34)
Nationality Indian
Education Master of Business Administration
Alma mater Delhi University
Occupation Entrepreneur
Organization World Designing Forum
Height 182.88 cm
Weight 80 Kilograms
Spouse Shilpi Rani

Ankush Anami is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of World Designing Forum, India’s largest community of fashion designers. He is passionate about promoting aspiring designers and providing them with a global platform.[1]

Ankush Anami has organized numerous fashion events, conclaves, and initiatives to support the design industry. He is also a social worker, actively involved in promoting education, healthcare, and women empowerment through his non-profit MIK Foundation.[2]


Ankush Anami is an Indian fashion entrepreneur and social worker from Lucknow. He founded the World Designing Forum in 2017, India’s largest platform for fashion designers to showcase their talent globally.

Ankush Anami has organized major fashion events across India to promote budding designers. He is also the founder of the MIK Foundation, working towards education, healthcare, and women empowerment in underprivileged communities.

Despite humble beginnings, Ankush Anami’s vision and hard work have earned him numerous accolades for transforming India’s design industry and social impact initiatives.

Early life

Born in Lucknow to Anurag and the late Anita Anami, Ankush developed a passion for art and design from an early age. Raised in a middle-class family, he defied limited resources to pursue his dreams.

After schooling in Lucknow, he studied fashion design at NIFT before working as a designer for several years, sowing the seeds for his future entrepreneurial venture.


Ankush Anami’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2017 when he founded the World Designing Forum, envisioned as a global platform for budding fashion designers. The forum hosts annual awards, conferences, and workshops and provides mentorship, job opportunities and funding.[3]

Ankush Anami has organized major fashion events like the World Fashion Designers Conclave, promoting Indian designers and handloom fabrics. As CEO, he has transformed the forum into India’s largest design community, earning him accolades for boosting the country’s design industry. Alongside this, he drives social initiatives through the MIK Foundation.


Ankush Anami completed his schooling in Lucknow. He then pursued his higher education at Delhi University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (B.Tech) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Family and Affairs

Ankush Anami was born to Anurag Anami and late Anita Anami in Lucknow. His sibling is Shweta Anami. He is married to Shilpi Rani, tying the knot on September 25th in New Delhi. The couple has two daughters named Sukh and Khush.


Ankush Anami is a tall, slim built standing at 6 feet. He has black eyes and black hair. The 34-year-old Indian entrepreneur maintains a fit physique, weighing around 80 kg.


Through the World Designing Forum, Anami has provided a global platform for Indian fashion designers and handloom weavers. He has organized major fashion events like the World Fashion Designers Conclave.[4]

Ankush Anami’s MIK Foundation works for education, healthcare and women empowerment. He has received several accolades from Indian politicians and businessmen for transforming the design industry and driving social impact initiatives.

Trivia and Facts

  • The World Designing Forum he founded in 2017 is now India’s largest community platform for fashion designers.
  • He has organized major fashion events like the World Fashion Designers Conclave to promote Indian design talent.
  • Ankush Anami is a strong advocate for promoting Indian handloom fabrics and has featured over 100 weavers at his events.

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