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Angel Murray
Born 18 February 2005 (2005-02-18) (age 18)
Education University of London

Angel Murray, an 18-year-old London native, has swiftly made her mark as an influencer in the legal sphere. Delving into law-related content on LinkedIn since April has sparked a significant following, propelling her to share her journey and champion causes close to her heart. As she pursues a law degree at the University of London, Angel is a vocal advocate for self-belief and participation in extracurricular pursuits, actively engaging in competitive law-related events and pushing for equality within the legal sector. Her roles as a Widening Participation Ambassador, Pro Bono Society Representative, and various other positions serve as platforms to amplify her voice and positively influence her peers. Post-university, her sights are set on becoming a well-rounded lawyer, particularly in Corporate M&A, with the intent to mentor and guide aspiring legal professionals through her social media influence. [1]

Early Life

Angel Murray's journey began in the vibrant and diverse streets of London, shaping her perspective and kindling an early passion for justice and equity. Growing up in this bustling metropolis, she imbibed the essence of community and cultural diversity, laying the foundation for her commitment to advocating for equality and fairness [2]

Personal Life

Angel’s voyage into the realm of influencing commenced with the establishment of her LinkedIn profile, opening doors to a growing audience. Her entry into law studies at the University of London ignited a fervent dedication to inspiring her peers. Encouraging self-belief and active engagement in extracurricular activities, Angel regularly participates in demanding law-related events and actively advocates for equal opportunities within the legal sector. Her recent role as a Widening Participation Ambassador underscores her commitment to empowering the youth to pursue higher education and consider a career in law.


The university phase of Angel’s journey is marked by a series of impactful roles: Pro Bono Society Representative, The City Law School Representative, Widening Participation Ambassador, and The LLB Programme Representative. These roles not only provide her a platform to advocate for her peers but also offer her the opportunity to collate these experiences and influence others positively. Looking beyond university life, her ultimate goal is to emerge as a versatile lawyer, channeling her experiences and insights to excel in Corporate M&A. Her aspiration extends beyond personal success, aspiring to be a role model for those on a similar career trajectory, leveraging her social media platforms to guide and mentor the future generation of legal professionals.

Angel Murray's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to effecting positive change in the legal landscape, empowering the youth, and shaping a future where inclusivity and equity prevail.







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