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Amio Talio

Image of Amio Talio
Born Feburary 21,1988
Luton, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Citizenship British
Occupation Crypto Trader
Organization Paradox Metaverse
Onyx Rentals

Amio Talio (born Feburary 21, 1988) is a well-known social media figure, Northampton-based entrepreneur and influencer in the cryptocurrency industry.[1]

His success in business began at a young age, and he has attracted a large audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who learn about trading and business principles from him. His most well known businesses include Amio Talio University, Paradox Metaverse, and Onyx Rentals.[2]

Early Life

Amio Talio found early success in business when he sold his first company to Uber at the age of 22 years old for half a million dollars. Rather than spending it all on luxury goods immediately like most people his age would have done, he invested it into the Bitcoin market.

This investment paid off greatly for him, as Bitcoin in 2012 was trading for a fraction of what it does today. 

He claims that he made trades in crypto currency that “made $1 million in 6 minutes and $1.2 million in 45 minutes.” This early success in cryptocurrency is what has led him to his modern day ventures.

He gradually built his fortune by investing in growing firms to develop and flourish in the United Kingdom. He grew his portfolio from £100,000 to over £2 million through these investments.[3]


Amio’s love for luxury cars led him to build up his rental business Onyx Rentals which serves several European countries including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain among others. The company provides premium vehicles to their clients as a service provider. [4]

Due to his many successful companies and cryptocurrency trading knowledge, he started his own online academy, dubbed Amio Talio University. On the website for the brand, he claims to have a personal crypto portfolio of over $3 million, showing credibility on the topic.[5]

On his website he claims “the current education system is outdated and not forward thinking, so I decided to open my own university with all the cheat codes in business to keep you ahead of the game.”

Amio’s most recent venture is a large metaverse and cryptocurrency ecosystem called the Paradox Metaverse. During the COVID-19 pandemic he began building the Paradox environment, which has now evolved into a game studio, NFT collection, cryptocurrency, and play and earn game.

Most recently Paradox has been developing and launching its own decentralized exchange “ParaSwap,” a venture capital business “Paradox Ventures,” and its own decentralized autonomous organization “ParaDAO.”[6]

In The Media

Amio has found himself in the spotlight on multiple occasions over the past years. Once he was involved in an automobile accident in which a UPS van crashed into his $180,000 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, leaving Amio with minor rib injuries. Amio posted about the incident on his Instagram and received a lot of positive feedback from his fanbase. 

Amio has also challenged Britain First leader Paul Golding in Northampton in January 2018. The 35-year-old right activist was out shopping in Northampton by himself when he was challenged by Amio Talio and his younger brother. [7]

Golding attempted walking away but Amio threw his coat to the ground and yelled a few more times before security was forced to step in. Amio, a Muslim, explained after the incident he “wanted to see what he’d have to say to someone like me, someone he can’t intimidate.”[8]

Allegations of fraud

Amio has also been involved in several incidents where he is accused of scamming and threatening others. In November 2022, YouTuber IShowSpeed forgot to mute his mic during a live stream with Talio and accidentality revealed that one of Talio's ventures, Paradox Metaverse, is a scam. This lead to a series of events where YouTuber Coffeezilla got involved and created several videos where Amio Talio was exposed. Many of Talio's ventures are alleged to be Ponzi-schemes [9] [10].

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