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Alex Chapman
Born 1980
Died 2016 (aged 35–36)
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation psychologist[1]

Alex Chapman was a citizen of the United Kingdom best known for his 2002-2006 marriage to Russian Anna Kushchenko, who turned out to be a spy.[2] His wife took his surname, and gained British citizenship, through their marriage.[3]

Chapman was born and raised in Dorset, where he attended a public school. Chapman trained to practice as a psychologist.

In 2010, after his ex-wife was charged with spying, in the United States, Chapman told reporters the charges didn't surprise him.[1][4] He also told reporters that their sex life had included kinky elements, including whips and nipple-clamps.[5][6][7][8][9] Friends of Anna, such as Natalya Zolotova, critized Chapman for revealing these private elements. Zolotova called him a "rag, not a man".

His ex-wife's response was that theirs had been a genuine love-match, that she had fallen in love with his sensitivity. She described him as a man who hadn't figured out who he was, yet. She expressed shock and dismay that intimate photos of her that Chapman retained, including of her wearing BDSM gear, had been published, after her arrest, and speculated that he had been forced or tricked into sharing them.

Chapman died, in Bournemouth, Dorset, in May, 2015.[10] In March 2018, after Russian dissident Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, almost died after an attempt to poison them, there was a call to re-examine the deaths of a dozen other individuals with ties to Russia - including Chapman. His family asserted that they did not believe there was anything suspicious about his death. The local police report said he died of multiple drug overdoses, and noted the house he died in was not his home.








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