Adam Shafi

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Adam Shafi
Born 1994 (age 23–24)
United States
Nationality United States
Known for His father reported him to security official, due to a concern he might become radicalized to jihadism

Adam Shafi is an American web developer who was charged with supporting terrorism.[1] FBI concern over Shafi increased after his father Sal Shafi, told them he was concerned that his son was listening to radical imams. Sal Shafi, the father, told reporters he regretted sharing hs concern with law enforcement officials, and would recommend other families concerned their children were becoming radicalized should not look to law enforcement for help.

In 2014 the Shafi family travelled to the middle east.[1] On that trip 21 year old Adam disappeared. His father contacted the US embassy in Cairo, sharing concerns that Adam might be heading to Syria or Iraq. Adam rejoined his family a few days later, saying he had travelled to Turkey, so he could "witness the plight of refugees there."

In June 2015 Adam planned to make another trip to Turkey, and was arrested at San Francisco's airport.[1] Officials claim they have recordings of telephone conversations where he spoke about engaging in combat. His lawyers assert that the government has no proof Shafi had any plans to travel from Turkey to either Syria or Iraq.

According to NBC News he was accused of plotting to provide personel to Al-Nusrah Front.[2] Al-Nusrah Front is an ally of al Qaeda, fighting both ISIS, and the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Shafi's father arranged for Adam to meet with Armin Harcevic, a Bosnian-American charged with porviding financial support for jihadism.[3] The elder Shafi seemed to think tat this meeting would discourage Adam from further engaging in support for jihadism.

In an unusual move, authorities at Oakland's Glenn E. Dyer Jail seized Shafi's personal papers, without first getting a warrant.[4] They then subjected him to months of solitary confinement, claiming his papers contained "wiring diagrams". His lawyers claimed that the papers were covered by [[attorney-client privilege], and would have been protected from either search or seizure -- even if they had a search warrant. Further, they claimed that what officials described as "wiring diagrams" were simply doodles.


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