Abu Mughira al-Britani

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Abu Mughira al-Britani
Nationality United Kingdom
Known for claims to have volunteered to fight with militant islamic jihadists in Syria

Abu Mughira al-Britani is a citizen of the United Kingdom who claimed to have volunteered to fight with militant islamic jihadists in Syria, allied to al Qaeda.[1][2][3] Al-Britani has claimed that he was formerly held in extrajudicial detention in Guantanamo, but experts have declined to confirm this claim.[4]

According to the Daily Mail al-Britani claims he was in Afghanistan when the US invaded in late 2001.[4] He claims he is now in his thirties. He described being present in Tora Bora, the area where Osama bin Laden had his last hideout in Afghanistan. He described being ordered to retreat to Pakistan with ten other men. He described being met by Pakistani soldiers who he believed were going to escort them to safety, but instead surrendered them to American forces.

He is reported to have written about his time in Guantanamo and his move to Syria, in an online magazine affiliated with al Qaeda, in late 2016.[3][4]


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