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Industry multi-media, clothing, & film.
Founder(s) Tate Lovett
Products Clothing, accessories, magazines, videos
Website 1988california.com

1988 California is an American multi-media clothing brand founded in Berkeley, California by Tate Lovett. 1988 CALIFORNIA releases seasonally released clothing drops, photo collections, music videos/films, Good Times, the bi-monthly magazine, and more recently, a radio station called Crisis Radio. founded in 2019 by Tate Lovett at age 18, during a rough time, Lovett was extremely stressed from the pressures of the Good Times Fashion Show and collapsed on the street in Berkeley, California, due to stress and anxiety and was rushed to the hospital immediately. the only thing he was able to remember at the time was his address, 1988 California, and that after that fashion show, there was nothing planned for the future of his art. while still in the hospital, he put together a new idea, a new brand, he took a few months offline, and at midnight, August 23rd, 2019, when Tate turned 19. 1988 was born.

1988 California is affiliated with the artist, designer, and producer 47MAZ.

1988cal also curated a music video and song called flourishing with christopher normann

The company has also curated a cult following to the point where 1988cal had gotten the attention of Tyler, The Creator where he came in attendance to their house party in June of 2021. 1988CAL has also thrown multiple venue events in SF and LA.


The company was founded in February of 2018 by Tate Lovett and Nelsen David. It was initially called Good Times Magazine. They began producing bi-monthly magazines and quickly started adding clothing, skateboards, car fresheners, and many more accessories. After a year of production, the Good Times Fashion show, Nelsen, and Tate decided that it would be a good decision to go their separate ways. Lovett went off on his own and created 1988 California after an extremely stressful night at the hospital. August 23rd, 2019 at midnight Lovett turned 19, and 1988CAL. was born.


  • 88 HIT THE BRAKES - DOLXN (2019)
  • SOFT.88: Fall/Winter 2019 (2019)
  • CRISIS RADIO (2020)
  • flourishing - christopher normann
  • The Good Times Documentary (2021)
  • 1988CAL VLOGS - 10 EPISODES (2021-2022)