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Undermine is a fictional character in the Transformers series introduced in 2007. He was one of the Decepticon villains in the Transformers: Cybertron animated series, voiced by Mark Oliver. The character is an English translation of the character Dino Shout from the Japanese anime series Transformers: Galaxy Force who was voiced by Masafumi Kimura. He works for the Decepticon Sourge and turns from a humanoid robot to a robotic spinosaurus.

Transformers character
Name Undermine
Japanese name Dino Shout
Series Transformers: Cybertron
Transformers: Universe
English voice actor Mark Oliver[1]
Japanese voice actor Masafumi Kimura
Alternate modes Robotic Spinosaurus
Function Assault combatant
Motto "It doesn’t matter whether I’m attacked from land or air, I’ll obtain my advantage."
Rank 6
Sub-group Scouts

Transformers: Cybertron

Cruel and predatory Undermine serves as a scout and spy for Scourge, unquestioned ruler of the Jungle Planet. He speaks with a British accent. He enjoys hunting, and will often toy with his prey before moving in to rip out its power source with his powerful fangs. Silent, cunning and all but impossible to sneak up on, Undermine is possibly the greatest hunter the Universe has ever seen. The only reason you haven't heard about him before now is that none of his prey have survived long enough to talk about it.[2]

Undermine is one of the servants of Scourge, the leader of Jungle Planet. Though originally the planet was plagued by poverty, marauders, and lawlessness, Scourge would manage to bring order through a policy of dictatorship, a decision he made after learning that Undermine had been attacked by the raiders.

As Scourge's minion and temple guardian, he was always on hand with Snarl and Brimstone to follow Scourge into battle and attack anyone who threatened them (though Snarl would leave the group and side with the Autobots after being branded a traitor). Considered an "excellent hunter" (a fact shown in his Hasbro bio), Undermine never got a chance to show off that particular skill, as he would remain a relatively minor character whose purpose was to act as a grunt for Scourge.

Undermine's arsenal includes a mace, his own teeth and claws, and a Cyber Key-activated ramming blade (Horn Blade/Crest Blade).

Undermine's extra bio on the official Transformers website would also identify him as a schemer worthy of his name, and that he earned his place in Scourge's court by sabotaging another Transformer named "Shrapnel", resulting in his predecessor earning Scourge's wrath.

He is the twin brother to Repugnus. Undermine is classified as a Decepticon due to his role as an antagonist, but his true allegiance is to Scourge alone.

Animated series

Undermine first appears in episode 10 the episode is called Search he is seen protecting Scourge and saying "Take another step and it,ll be your last!". The jungle people then make an alliance with Megatron.

As the Grand Black Hole continued to enlarge, Primus attempted to seal it. This was witnessed through giant space bridges on Velocitron by Brakedown, Clocker and Dirt Boss, on the planet Animatros by Backstop, Undermine and Brimstone, and on Earth (episode 42, "City").

Later, he would join the Autobots' alliance of Transformers from all over the galaxy in an effort to stop the black hole and defeat Megatron.

In the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron Optimus Prime proposed a new Space Bridge project using the power of the four Cyber Planet Keys and the four great ships. Many Autobots and former Decepticons joined in the project. Metroplex lead the Giant Planet ship and key with Drillbit, Undermine and Brimstone.


Fun Publications

When the Waruders caused a blackout in Axiom Nexus, Undermine, within the offworlder maximum security prison, fought it out with his fellow inmates.


  • Cybertron Scout Undermine (2007)
In 2007 this toy was repackaged as a Transformers: Universe figure and sold in discount stores like Family Dollar.
This figure was redecoed into Cybertron Repugnus.


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