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Swipe is an online casino game provided by Expanse Studios created in 2018 as a web game using standard web technologies. This is, in fact, a mini-game, available to play exclusively via mobile phones. This is also a game that uses the Random Number Generator, and belongs to games of chance, and belongs to a small group of so-called "Games". [1][2]

Game specification and interface

As it belongs to the mentioned group of "games", Swipe has a specific game system and mechanics, which is very different from standard casino games, such as slots. The game has two horizontal rows with six numbers each: in the upper row there is a randomly selected combination of numbers, and the lower row is intended for players. The goal of the game is to get as many matching numbers in the bottom row as possible in regards to the top row of numbers.The name of the game refers to the mechanics of the game, which involves swiping the screen from top to bottom (Swipe) in order to start the game. Beside to manually selecting the desired number, users also have the Random key, which gives them a random number. As for the calculation of winnings, each outcome has its own coefficient which is multiplied by the player stake, and which varies according to the number of winnings. The higher the number of winning - the higher the odds multiplier.

Swipe can be found at Meridian Gaming.


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