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Slipstream is a name applied to several characters in the Transformers franchise.

Transformers Armada (2004)

Slipstream is a Mini-Con in the Armada game for the PlayStation 2.

Transformers Animated (2008)

Slipstream first appeared in Transformers: Animated as one of Starscream's clones, along with Sunstorm, Thundercracker, Ramjet, and Skywarp (the toy line also included Dirge. She explained that each clone embodied a different aspect of Starscream's personality, and responded "Don't ask!" when Starscream inquired which part of him she represented. All the clones soon joined in an attack on Megatron, only to switch allegiances to the Decepticon commander after Starscream was defeated. Slipstream then took point in helping fight off the advance of Omega Supreme, only to end up scattering along with her fellow Decepticons when Megatron's Spacebridge imploded. She would later return in the series finale and attack Optimus Prime when his test of a jetpack caused her to mistake him for her creator; she subsequently disappeared and her whereabouts were left unknown at the series' conclusion.

Transformers Prime (2010)


Slipstream later appeared in the Aligned Continuity in Transformers: Exiles as one of the Seekers aboard the Nemesis. Of the group she was the one Starscream trusted least, and he feared she would turn on him were he to attempt to challenge Megatron. She was later left stranded in the vicinity of Junkion following an aborted battle involving the Decepticons, Autobots, and Star Seekers; what became of her afterwards is unknown.

Fun Publications

A version of Slipstream later appeared in Axiom Nexus, taking part in a card game that also involved Depth Charge and several other Cybertronians from various worlds. They were interrupted by two versions of Optimus Prime, who sought to recruit Depth Charge for a special mission.


  • Transformers Timelines Slipstream (2013)
A remold of Prime First Edition Starscream.
  • Legends Slipstream (2015)
A retool of Combiner Wars Windblade.

Robots in Disguise (2015)

This Slipstream is an Autobot-aligned Mini-Con who along with Jetstorm appears under the tutelage of the Autobot bounty hunter Drift. As a youth he was traumatized by an encounter with a Cyclone-type Mini-Con, which incident led him to partner with Jetstorm as a thief until Drift took the pair under his wing. They joined him in his bounty-hunting efforts, with Slipstream tending to be the more attentive and respectful student while Jetstorm sometimes chafed under Drift's hard-handed instruction. The trio eventually made the acquaintance of Bumblebee and his team of Autobots after arriving on Earth seeking to capture Bumblebee and claim the bounty placed on him by the Autobot High Council. In this they found themselves competing with rival bounty hunters Fracture, Divebomb, and Airazor, whom they eventually defeated with help from Bumblebee and his team; the trio subsequently departed Earth having determined that the price on Bumblebee's head was incorrectly assigned.

Slipstream and Drift later returned to Earth in search of a wayward Jetstorm, who had left Drift's service under a mistaken impression. The team eventually reunited and worked with Bumblebee's force to capture Springload and Quillfire, at which point Drift announced his intention to remain on Earth as part of the team with his students, feeling that both he and they could learn much from the example of Bumbleebee and his teammates. This led to a number of adventures for Slipstream, including a mission in which he and Jetstorm alone set out in pursuit of the Cyclone Mini-Cons Ransack and Fasttrack. The pair bonded with their new teammates well, particularly with Sideswipe and Russell Clay.


  • Robots in Disguise Slipstream (2015)

Cyberverse (2018)

This Slipstream is an evil female Decepticon Seeker.

2022 Shattered Glass

This version of Slipstream is a heroic Decepticon. Her body design is based on Cyberverse Slipstream in the colors of Generation 1 Windblade.