Mirrorverse Transistor

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Mirrorverse Transistor
Keith's Fantasy Club character
Mirrorverse Transistor box
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Release number

Phase Four C
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Radio cassette player
Tech specs

ST09 IN08 SP03 EN08

RN08 CO10 FB07 SK10

Mirrorverse Transistor is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Shattered Glass Blaster made by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2016.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Mirrorverse Transistor is a homage to Shattered Glass Blaster.


Transistor was designed by Cassy Sark and named by C Z Hazard.

Mirrorverse Transistor was released in May 2016.



  • Reprolabels Evil Autobot Emblems (2009)
A set of Autobots symbol labels in purple. A Captured Prey exclusive.[1]
  • Keith's Fantasy Club Phase 4 C Mirrorverse Transistor (2016)
A 5-pack which includes Mirrorverse Badbat, Mirrorverse Fader, Mirrorverse HiFi, Mirrorverse Rhinohorn and Mirrorverse Transistor.
Mirrorverse Badbat is a recolor of Badbat in the colors of Shattered Glass Ratbat. His colors are similar, but slightly different than Justice Badbat.
Mirrorverse Fader is a recolor of HiFi in the colors of Shattered Glass Rewind.
Mirrorverse HiFi is a recolor of HiFi in the colors of Solarbot.
Mirrorverse Rhinohorn is a recolor of Justice Rhinohorn in the colors of Shattered Glass Ramhorn. His colors are similar Rhinohorn Evil Version, but Rhinohorn Evil Version has silver weapons and Mirrorverse Rhinohorn has gold weapons.
Mirrorverse Tranistor is a recolor of Transistor in the colors of Shattered Glass Blaster.



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