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Microborgs are a 3d printed toy line available on Shapeways which was introduced in 2018. It was designed by Mathew Robert Ignash.


Microborgs 1:18 scale action figures. They are sold in a series of kits on Shapeways and assembled by the buyer. The kits are supplied of trees arranged by colors. Most parts connect together with 5mm pegs and sockets.


Name Homage Kits Picture
Ampzookie, the Tiny Terror
"Up from the depths, 30 stories high, breathing fire, his head in the sky, Ampzilla! Ampzilla! Ampzilla!... and AMPZOOKIE!" Hey, every killer giant lizard has an embarrassing kid, right? Ampzookie wants to grow up to be just like his dad, but for now he's simply a tiny fun loving mecha lizard from the planet Saurian who turns to a 6 barrel arm cannon for the alien forces.
Micronauts Ampzilla Shapeways Ampzookie.jpg
Acroguy Z, the Secret Acro Weapon
Hidden deep within the planet Spartak, in a secret suspension chamber, lay the greatest warrior the planet has ever produced. Only awakened in the times of greatest need, this legendary being will fight for his people until his last breath.
Great Mazinger Shapeways Acroguyz.jpg
Big Acroyear II, Acroyear Berserker Warrior
From the Acroyear Department of Science in War (oddly the ONLY use for science the Acroyear have!) comes the next generation of Acroyear II warriors. The Big Acroyear II! The Big Acroyear II are 150% upsized from regular Acroyear II warriors. Now the upsizing process may have left their minds a BIT jumbled, but who needs MENTALLY STABLE shock troops?
Acroyear II Shapeways Bigacroyearii.jpg
Bioguy, the Eternal Pilot
Twist and turn his mechanical body to uncover his secret tank mode.
Micronauts Biotron Shapeways Bioguyphoguy.jpg
Broodling, Female
Vicious hatching from the planet Thoraxid.
Micronauts Hornetroid Prototype Orange, Pink Broodlingfemale.jpg
Broodling, Male
Vicious hatching from the planet Thoraxid.
Micronauts Hornetroid Black, Purple, Red Broodlingmale.jpg
Computra, the Central Core
The roboids of Homeworld have many purposes, but few are as technically sophisticated as the computer-core roboids designed to run high-tech towers of Micropolis. Computra is one such machine. While other Roboids look on her processing modules with a combination of awe and envy, she won't give them a nanosecond glance. They are all yesterday's model to her.
Robotix Compu-Core Shapeways Computra2.jpg
Deathwheeler, the CYborg KILLer
A lost survivor from a doomed dimension, Deathwheeler was found damaged with no memories and taken in by the Acroyear. He was rebuilt with their technology to be a simple servant cyborg. What no one expected is that this renegade robot had no intention to be a mere servant. From the word "go" he started a rebellion among the mechanoid underclass and quickly conquered several Acroyear colonies. Where will he stop? Are there more like him out there? Only time will tell.
GoBots Cy-Kill Shapeways Deathwheeler.jpg
Force Commando, Disciple of Force
After a great battle with a legion Baron Karza's elite Acroyear warriors, the lone Force Commander stood victorious. While most had perished, three of the surviving enemies lay at his feet. The Commander was moved by how valiantly these warriors had fought and offered to let them live if they swore to forsake the Baron's evil ways. The warriors paused in awe of the warrior who had bested them, then agreed. They laid down their helmets and vowed to never again worship the mad Baron blindly. The Force Commander never knew what became of those three warriors. After he left they forged themselves new armor from that of their fallen comrades. These three Acroyear dubbed themselves the Commandos, and they had a new mission: To spread the word of their new deity, the Force Commander!
Micronauts Force Commander Shapeways Forcecommando3.jpg
Galactic Ruler, head of the Micro Empire Micronauts Emperor Shapeways Galacticruler.jpg
Jackroyear, The Hallowed Horror Shapeways Jackroyear.jpg
Karza Kommando, Killer Klones
While Baron Karza may have Legions of Dog Soldiers, loyal Acroyear, captured aliens and body bank mutants in his forces, sometime a mission requires a personal touch by the Baron. In these cases he is known to send an abomination from the Body Bank imbued with a portion of his own DNA and armor similar to his own. These Karza Kommandos are ruthless monsters. Nearly as diabolical, the Baron keeps his Killer Klones numbers low, for fear they could plot to overthrow him. After all, that's what he would do!
Micronauts Baron Karza Shapeways Karzaklonekommando2.jpg
Microguy, Robot From the Friendzone
The always-popular Microguy is here! This feisty little robot is looking for his mistress (not included). Maybe he can find her in your collection? Works well with Bioguy. Rearrange his parts to unlock his secret VTOL vehicle mode.
Micronauts Microtron Black, Grey, Red, White Microguy2.jpg
Nancytron, the Sidekick of the Sidekick's Sidekick
Because no one demanded it! She's here to blight your life with her eye-searing yellow finish as well as her ability to annoy anyone around her. Watch out, Nancytron is here to ruin the day!
Micronauts Nanotron Shapeways Nancytron.jpg
Phoguy, Phatal Master of Phear
Now that Bioguy is online, the next obvious step is his stepbrother from another motherboard... The phear inspiring Phoguy!
Micronauts Phobos Shapeways Phoguy.jpg
Rivalguy, the Evil Mirror Image
From the depths of the Houseworld mecha factories comes the military roboid with an attitude. Designed as a companion piece for Phoguy, together the two can keep the peace when assigned to a Canine Commando division. I give you... Rivalguy!
Micronauts Nemesis Shapeways Rivalguy.jpg
Scorpoid, the Galactic Offender
Hailing from an older, more silly universe, the Galactic Offender has come here to chew bubblegum and cause trouble, and he's all out of bubblegum! To get your Scorpoid, the Galactic Offender, figure, simply send a box top of Galactic Oats cereal along with 42 Flanian Pobble Beads shipping to the central office of the Scorpoid Invasion Fleet, Box Sigma Theta, Alien Sector, the Microverse.
Major Matt Mason Scorpio Pink, Purple Scorpoid2.jpg
Skeladex, Alien Robot Menace
A complete mystery, these mechanical menaces appeared briefly decades ago only to disappear. Now they are back and more vicious than ever!
Unreleased Micronauts Robot Alien Black, Grey Skeladex2.jpg
Spartak Sentry, Wielder of the Spiky Justice Widget
The Spiky Justice Widget is the symbol of ultimate justice among his people. It is carried by the Spartak Sentry to remind criminals how strict the laws of Spartak really are... least they forget. In case they do forget it's also useful for bashing them in the head and knocking them out until after a Spartak trial.
Background Acroyear Shapeways Spartaksentry2.jpg
Spartak Spouse, a Demanding Queen Micronauts Lady Cicilia Shapeways Spartaksistera.jpg
Spartak Seductress, a Loyal Love Micronauts Red, White Spartakseductress.jpg
Spartak Sovereign, Proud Warrior King Micronauts Acroyear Shapeways Spartaksovereign.jpg
Spartak Steed, Trusty Space Stallion
While it is widely believed that the Acroyear of Spartak are the sole animal lifeforms which claims that near-lifeless rock as their home, this is not actually true. The Acroyear are descended from an agrarian culture which migrated to Spartak, and they brought several domesticated animals with them. Most common of these is a horse-like Spartak Steed, also called the Acrosteeds. While their ancestors pulled plows in fields, the modern steed is a powerful warhorse, usually dedicated to serving the Acroyear royals in combat. A fully armored and cybernetic animal, these creatures can form a symbiotic partnership with their Acroyear master. The Shadow Priests have already started work applying standard hybrid designs with these animals with massive success!
Panzeroid Black, Red, White Spartaksteed.jpg
Spectrum General
No one knows where they come from, or who they used to be, but never underestimate the Spectrum Generals! These mighty beings are powerful Magno warriors. They are each assigned to conquer a different planet in Microspace in the name of their Galactic Leader. They wear unique armors which are attuned to resist the attacks of the native aliens of their assigned worlds.
Micronauts King Atlas/Green Baron Black, Red Spectrumgeneral-red.jpg
Super Acroyear, the Acroyear of Tomorrow
Look up in the sky! It's an Repto, it's a Acrojet, it's Super Acroyear! Yes Super Acroyear, strange visitor from another planet who came to Spartak with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal Acroyear. Super Acroyear – who can change the course of mighty comets, bend Spartak alloy with his bare hands, and who, disguised as Carkket, mild mannered archivist for a Acroyear Royal House, fights the never ending battle for Truth, Honor and the Acroyear Way."
Superman Shapeways Superacroyear.jpg


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