Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!

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"Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!"
Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode
"Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!" title credit
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 5
Directed by Hiroshi Negishi
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Original air date August 7th, 1986
Guest actors

Hirotaka Suzuoki as Zagam

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village"
Next →
"The Rock People and Mizuchi the Mysterious Dragon"

Hot Fight at Absolute Zero! is the fifth episode of the animated television series Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, which was broadcast on August 7th, 1986 in Japan.[1]


Rod Drill's ice cave in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 5, "Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!"

Rom and his friends follow the Wolf Sword's directions to Cronos' arctic area, where they discover some mysterious tracks. Unknown to them they are being tracked by Gades from the Gandora mother ship. Diondora and some troops are the source of the tracks - they are searching for the Hyribead. Gades tells them of the approaching travelers. Drill meanwhile creates an ice cave for his friends to rest in but they are trapped inside by Diondora and Zagam, a Gandora soldier who has easily adapted to the cold. Rom realizes they are under attack and sets off with Jet to draw the enemy's attention while Drill gets Jim and Reina to safety. However, Zagam tracks Drill. Although winning the fight against Drill, he is shocked by Reina's appearance and takes her with him under the ice.

Zagam and Elura together in death in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 5, "Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!"

Diondora is unable to defeat Rom and Jet and withdraws, swearing vengeance against Zagam for disappearing in the battle. Under the ground Reina awakes in a frozen graveyard. Zagam has second thoughts about leaving Reina to die as she resembles his long-dead lover Elura, who was killed in an avalanche. He returns her to Rom without being seen before reporting back to Diondora, who sends him to attack again. This time he goes through the ice with Rom, who summons Blade Dragon to fight him. Zagam is mortally injured and chooses to die under the ice with Elura. Rom reunites with the others and Reina notices a Wolf Crest shining on one of the mountains. It disappears, leaving the Hyribead a mystery still.


Heroes Gandora Others
Reina Stol Gades Elura
Rod Drill Grujious
Rom Stol Diondora
Blue Jet Zagam
Triple Jim Devil Soldiers
Blade Dragon


  • Firsts: This is the first appearance of Zagam, who returns in later episodes. This is the first episode not to feature Viking-Fu or the Devil Satan 6 team.
  • Near the North Poll of Cronos, in the dead of winter, in the deepest caverns, it can reach absolute zero, or negative 273 centigrade.
  • At absolute zero a mechanoid cannot last 5 minutes, which is actually quite impressive that they can last any time at all.
  • Battleflex follows the others as they walk, but disappears when they enter the ice cave. He appears again at the end of the episode behind them.
  • The Gandora have snow track vehicles.
  • Zagam is immune even to the cold of absolute zero and can turn invisible.
  • Rod Drill can carve a shelter out of a wall of ice in a few moments, complete with furniture made of sculpted ice!
  • Blue Jet can melt through walls of ice with his engines in jet mode.
  • Rom Stol's speech to the villains this week is about "passion".
  • Diondora carries an "electro lash" whip, and nearly defeats Rom with it until Jet helps. She can also fly.
  • Reina's eyes flash when her power is low.
  • Death toll: Rom dispatches three Devil Soldiers with his Spiral Punch while Blue Jet literally disarms another with his sword. Elura dies by being impaled by a piece of ice in the chest during an avalanche. Blade Dragon defeats Zagam.
  • In the preview for next week's episode Rom mentions Reina has been taken by the Rock People.
  • The French dub of this episode was called "Un Froid Mortel", which means "A Deadly Cold".
  • Some English subtitles call this episode "The Battle at Zero Degrees" or "You Have Zero Chance of Winning Here".



  1. "Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!". Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos. August 7th, 1986. No. 5, season 1.

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