Emperor Dementia

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Emperor Dementia
Micronauts character
Emperor toy on card
First appearance

Lords of Light Comic Book (1984)
Created by

Pac Toys
Species Izzurian

Evilites (leader)

"The emralyte will be mine!"

Lord Dementia is a fictional character from the Lords of Light series introduced in 1984. He is the main villain of the series.

Lords of Light

Emperor Dementia is the leader of the Evilites. His minions include Aloros, Nepos, Topen and Toriac.

Both the commercials and the illustration on the toy card depict Emperor Dementia holding an axe, although no such axe exists in the toy line.


Fictional biography

Ruthless Leader of Evilites sworn to kill all Izzurians


Pac Toys

Emperor Dementia in the Pac Toys comic

Emperor Dementia first appeared in the Lords of Light Comics Book that came with all Lords of Light action figures.


  • Pac Toys Lords of Light Emperor Dementia (1984)
A new 1:18 scale mold by Pac Toys.
Came with a cape (either with a hood or high collar), a 5mm peg handle sword (which was either a recolor of the blaster from Antron or an original sword), two adapters, a 5mm peg handle shield from Centaurus and three 6mm Emralyte Power Rods.
Emperor Dementia features 3mm grip hands. He can only hold his weapons with the help of the two adapters.


Lords of Light card back


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