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Drillbit (also written Drill Bit) is a name applied to several Transformers characters. The first is a Predacon featured in the Beast Wars toy line who transforms into a Boll weevil. The second is a Mini-Con in the Unicron Trilogy who becomes a drilling vehicle, while the third is the Mini-Con companion of Metroplex. The fourth is also a Mini-Con, but a Decepticon aligned one who works with Heavy Load.


Beast Wars

Animated series


  • Drillbit (1997)
Was later recolored into Beast Wars Second Drillnuts.

Transformers: Armada


  • Drillbit (2002)
A member of the Destruction Team; recolored into various versions of Crash and Monocle.
  • Road Wrecker Drillbit (2003)
A green repaint of Drillbit.

Transformers: Cybertron


  • Cybertron Metroplex with Drillbit (2006)
Mold was later recolored into Horri-Bull.

Generation 1


  • Universe Heavy Load with Drillbit (2009)
A repaint of Stripmine.