Criminal Investigation

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Criminal Investigation
Criminal Investigation box
Publication information
Created by MasterShooter Collectibles
In-story information
Member(s) Detective Ballgag and The Hustler

Criminal Investigation is a is a third-party Transformer set created by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2014.

MasterShooter Collectibles

Detective Ballgag is an homage to Generation 1 Muzzle. He is intended as a Partner for Nightbeat.

The Hustler is an homage to Armada Swindle. He is intended as a partner for Starscream.


Detective Ballgag was announced in October 2014.

The Hustler was announced in October 2014, the week before TFcon Chicago.[1]

Criminal Investigation was sold at TFcon Chicago 2014.


The Cybercast podcast for October 11th, 2013 discussed the MasterShooter Collectibles partner for Nighbeat in the news.[2]

The moonbase2 podcast for October 14th, 2014 discussed Detective Ballgag in the news.[3]

The Star To Star Toys News podcast for October 14th, 2014 discussed Detective Ballgag in the news.[4]


  • MasterShooter Collectibles Criminal Investigation (2014)
Detective Ballgag and the Hustler share the basic design with most other Mastershooter Collectibles toys. They turn from robots to guns. Sold at TFcon Chicago 2014.



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