Black Rager

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Black Rager
iGear character
Black Rager box
Created by

Release number

Aliases Shadow Blade Rager, Night Attack Rager, Stealth Rager, and Nemesis Rager
Species Transformer


Black Redeco Clan
Alternate mode

Tech specs

ST07 IN08 SP04 EN07

RN07 CO08 FB04 SK09

Black Rager is a fictional character and original third-party Transformer created by iGear in 2012.


Black Rager is an origonal third-party Transformer created by iGear.

He has the same tech spec numbers as Rager.


Black Rager is a recolor Rager, which was designed by Cassy Sark.

In January 2012 iGear first displayed the toy of Black Rager on their Facebook page.[1]

Black Rager was previewed at the Third Party Panel at TFcon 2012.[2]


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for January 9th, 2012 discussed images of Black Rager in the news.[3]

Black Rager was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[4]

Fictional biography

Hailing mostly from the eastern regions of the planet, the Black Redeco Clan have sent Black Rager out as an ambassador for his people, who have had enough of being considered bland and uninspired. Mistakenly addressed as Shadow Blade Rager, Night Attack Rager, Stealth Rager, and Nemesis Rager, it took him winning a gold medal in the Tarn State Games and his memorable pose on the podium to give his name - and the plight of his people - the recognition and equal rights they deserved.


  • Reprolabels Evil Autobot Emblems (2009)
A set of Autobots symbol labels in purple. A Captured Prey exclusive.[5]
  • iGear Mini-Warrior Black Rager (2012)
A black recolor of Rager. Turns from robot to semi-truck. Comes with two guns and a collector card.
An Upgrade Commander exclusive.



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