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Zehra Duman is an Australian woman who traveled to Daesh territory where she married a jihadi fighter.[1]

Duman is reported to have been a friend of Tara Nettleton and Khaled Sharrouf, who travelled from Australia to Daesh territory, with their five children, in 2014.[2]

Duman married an Australian jihadist named Mahmoud Abdullatif, who was killed in action five weeks after their marraige.[3] The Associated Press reported that both her parents and staff at the private school she attended, were astonished by her departure, as she had given no clues of her radicalization.[4]

Duman was described as an active recruiter of volunteers, who taunted Australian authorities to "catch me if you can".[5] The New Delhi Citizen called her a "black widow".[6]

Provocative photos Duman tweeted, of herself and four other women, clad head to toe in black, holding AK-47 rifles, and posing over an expensive sports car, have been widely republished.[4][7]


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