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Native name Zawad Hossain Born 2000/03/26 Residence Uttara,Dhaka Nationality Bangladeshi Other names Afif Education Graduated from ii-um Occupation Developer Years active 3 Employer Senior Admin Organisation Royalforce71 Known for Social activists,Bushiness,blogging,politics,administrator of Rf-71

Works programming,spamming , writing about humanity and world Home town Rajsahi Salary 1000$

Television Office Political party Bangladesh Awami Leauge Also works at SAW(save our women from online eve teasing)WAB(We are Bangladesh) Git hub(programmer), Facebook( resolving bug

            issue and system breaking ,developing  also remove nudity 
            and harassment content from social network )  Blogger at 
   Former Politician and doing Currency Buy 
            Sell and export import business.
            Editor at 

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