Zaman Sheikh

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Zaman Sheikh
Born 2001
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Daffodil International University.
Occupation Bangladeshi Artist.
Religion Islam

Md. Shamsuzzaman (Bengali: মোঃ শামছুজ্জামান), known professionally as Zaman Sheikh is a Bangladeshi musician and digital marketer.

Early life

Md. Shamsuzzaman was born in 2001 in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He is the son of Md. Mizan Ali. and Rahima Khatun. Since his childhood, he had a keen interest to compose new musical extravaganza. Since childhood, he had keen in interest in trying new things. He always felt exciting in creating something melodious with an innovative and unique tune.

He brought up Fulbaria, Mymensingh, and finished tutoring here. He has one sister. At the age of 15, he started his digital marketing & Musician career. He was a graduate student at Cantonment Public School & College.

He combined two different worlds, "Zaman" and "Sheikh" to create his internet name, "Zaman Sheikh". "Zaman" is a nickname that is familiar to people, and "Sheikh" is an ancestral name given by his family..

Away from musical career

Zaman Sheikh is also a self-published author. He has published several books on the subject of digital marketing and branding. Apart from this, he creates videos, writes blog posts, records podcasts related to digital marketing to teach others.