Yousuf Ajlan

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Yousuf Ajlan
Nationality Yemen
Occupation journalist
Known for believed to have been secretly seized for criticism disliked by the current government

Yousuf Ajlan is a Yemeni journalist who was seized from his home, on October 16 2016, and who his friends believe is being held in secret extrajudicial detention.[1][2][3][4] Militia members seized him, thought to be associated with the Houthi factions.

Roy Greenslade, reporting for The Guardian, wrote that Ajlan had a past history of covering controversial topics, like Yemeni individuals held in Guantanamo, and Yemen's detention of American citizen Sharif Mobley, but that he had retired from journalism after a previous capture, in March 2015.[1][2][3] Greenslade noted Ajlan was the sixteenth journalist to be captured in 2016.


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