Yousef Benhamida

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Yousef Benhamida

Image of Yousef Benhamida
Born October 25, 1987
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nationality United States
Citizenship United States
Occupation Entrepreneur, Investor, Author

Yousef Benhamida (October 25, 1987) is a business owner and plant nutrient specialist based in San Diego, California. His company Humboldts Secret Supplies is a foremost plant nutrient manufacturer and supplier for U.S. hydroponic and agricultural distributors.[1]

Early life

Benhamida grew up in Northern California, surrounded by three older brothers. He was an athletic youth who played baseball and other sports, which later blossomed into a serious tennis interest.[2]


Benhamida attended Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills, CA. After graduation, he moved south to attend the University of California, San Diego. After nurturing a deep interest in plant nutrients and growing techniques, he decided to pursue a business career and dropped out of UCSD in his 4th year. To support his simultaneous fascination with tennis, he attended San Diego Mesa College for one semester and played on their tennis team, primarily in the #4 singles spot. He won the PCAC conference with them in 2009.[3]


After dropping out of college Benhamida worked various odd jobs while perfecting his Golden Tree formula—his first major product for HS Supplies, which he officially launched in 2012. The company has since emerged as one of the major plant nutrient manufacturers and suppliers to hydroponics/agricultural distributors in the United States.[4][5]

Personal life

Benhamida lives in San Diego and still enjoys playing tennis. He is also working on a number of content-creation projects.

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