Yeshi Lhendup Films

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Yeshi Lhendup Films
Type Private
Industry Production
Founder(s) Yeshi Lhendup

Yeshi Lhendup Films is a Bhutanese production company which is based in Thimphu, Bhutan.[1] It was founded by filmmaker Yeshi Lhendup.[2]

The company also runs a YouTube channel which is the only Bhutanese YouTube channel to receive the Silver Play Button.[3]


The company was founded by Bhutanese filmmaker Yeshi Lhendup.[4] Yeshi started pursuing filmmaking when he was a college student.[4] He used to make documentaries and movies during his college life which were reviewed by his peers, receiving positive feedback.[4]

Yeshi left his private job and started the production company with a loan from Loden Foundation in order to buy filmmaking equipment.[5]

In 2017, Yeshi Lhendup Films started uploading videos on the YouTube and they soon became popular among the young people.[5]


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