Yemi Oluseun

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Yemi Oluseun
Born Nigeria
Nationality British-Nigerian
Citizenship United Kingdom
Alma mater
  • London Business School
  • King's College London
  • University of Greenwich
Occupation FinTech Growth & Transformation Consultant
Organization The Change Hive (Founder)
Height 5 ft 2 inches

Yemi Oluseun is a British fintech growth and transformation consultant, keynote speaker, business mentor, executive coach, workshop facilitator, and project manager. She is widely recognized for assisting startups and Fortune 100 companies to achieve growth and expansion through strategic sales funnel optimization, go-to-market, and global expansion consulting.[1] Yemi is the founder of 'The Change Hive,' a business change consulting firm that facilitates the sustainable scaling of growth-stage businesses. Her consultative and personalized approach has garnered recognition and led to successful projects for high-end clients such as Arab Bank, HSBC, Global Processing Service (PayTech), Avalara, Galaxy Digital (Crypto), UpLift (BNPL), and Facebook (Meta).[2]

Yemi's commitment to social impact is evident through her mentorship of early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners, contributing to a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. She has been credited with several awards, such as being listed on the UK's Top 100 Most Influential Women in Technology and the 2019 TechWomen100 lists.[3][4][5]

Early life and education

Yemi was born and raised in Nigeria. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from the University of Greenwich and King's College London, respectively.[6] Additionally, she obtained an Executive MBA from London Business School in 2018.[7]


Yemi is a fintech growth and transformation consultant with 14 years of experience.[8] Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in enabling startups and Fortune 100 companies to achieve revenue growth and establish a presence in new markets through strategic sales funnel optimization, go-to-market, and global expansion consulting. Her clients have experienced tangible outcomes, including increased sales and revenue, enhanced recruitment and training efficiency, and Opex cost reduction through business process optimization.[9]

In 2018, Yemi established The Change Hive, a business change consulting firm that empowers growth-stage businesses to achieve faster and sustainable scaling by standardizing their business and change management processes.[10] Her consultative and personalized approach has delivered several successful projects, including helping a VC-funded scale-up expand into the MENA region and enabling an enterprise tax SaaS software company to optimize its processes and venture into the Chinese market. Additionally, she facilitated the transition of a travel industry leader into a data analysis technology role and spearheaded the digital transformation programme at Arab Bank.[11]

Prior to founding The Change Hive, Yemi served as a project manager at UBS, Barclays, and JP Morgan. At Barclays, she successfully managed the implementation of two spin-off start-up entities: the Treasury Brexit Program (set up a new investment bank) and the Treasury Ring Fenced Bank (set up a new retail bank).[12]

As a prolific writer and workshop facilitator, Yemi regularly shares her knowledge and insights on crucial subjects, including Implementing Marketing and Sales Funnel Automation, Planning Product Launch & Go-To-Market, International Expansion Strategies, Defining Mission, Values & Goals (OKRs), and Growth & Innovation Leadership Development.[13]

She serves as a business mentor on programs such as Prince's Trust Next Step Programme, Stanford Seed, Founders Institute, and Techstars, empowering early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners to innovate and grow their ventures. Moreover, she serves on the boards of Outward Housing and Bournemouth University.[14]

Awards and recognitions

  • Digital Ambassador of the Year - Nominee; Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards, May 2023
  • Most Influential Women in UK Technology - Top 100, by Computing Weekly for three consecutive years (2021, 2020, & 2019)

Awards associated with Barclays:

  • Winner of the TechWomen100 issued by WeAreTechWomen (2019)
  • Finalist for Outstanding Woman in Banking and Finance at the The PRECIOUS Awards (2019)
  • Credited with the Women in Tech: Digital Transformation Award at Dublin Tech Summit (2019)
  • Awarded as the Young Digital Professional of the Year by Computing Weekly (2019)
  • Finalist at the Rising Star of the Year - Large Organizations (2019)
  • Winner of the Future Star Award: IT Manager issued by Future Stars of Tech (2019)
  • Finalist for the Rising Star Award issued by Women in IT Excellence Awards (2019)


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