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In February 2010 active duty US soldier and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan Joshua Tabor was charged with child abuse for what was widely reported as "waterboarding" his four year old daughter.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] Tabor disciplined the four year old child because she could not recite the alphabet. He is reported to have been inspired by the CIA's waterboarding of Guantanamo captives, and her fear of water.

Accounts of the incident vary. Tabor's daughter is usually reported as four years old. But the Irish Independent reported her as being seven years old.[8] Accounts vary as to whether he immersed her head in the bathroom sink, or the kitchen sink. Accounts vary as to how Tabor came to be arrested. Some reports say his live-in girlfriend called the Police. Some reports say neighbors reported him. While yet other reports merely say police found him wandering the streets of his neighborhood, drunk, less than coherent, and not dressed for the cold.

ABC News quoted Yelm's Chief of Police Todd Stancil doubts to whether Tabor acts were actually "waterboarding" "he is not sure whether Tabor actually ran the water over the girl's face, a move that would force a gag reflex."

Lawyer and Journalist Dahlia Lithwick, writing for Slate magazine described the debate over this event as marking a change in how the American press addressed the general issue of waterboarding.[9] She wrote:

  • "The narrow legal question of whether or not Tabor "water-boarded" his daughter masks the outrageousness of the media's sudden willingness to embrace the word. Newspapers that have twisted themselves into pretzels to avoid using words like torture or even water-board have suddenly embraced the term in the sloppiest possible way."
  • "We are evidently only willing to call such conduct torture if it's applied to people we want to see as innocent."

Tabor pled guilty to child assault in late August 2010.[10] He received a two month jail sentence. He was prohibited from contact with his daughter for five years. He was ordered to undergo therapy for dependencies. He was restricted from owning a firearm.[11]

Ben Achtenberg, of the Refuge Media Project, compared Tabor's two month sentence with the lack of punishment for Vice President of the United States, a strong proponent of torture.[11]

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