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Yeasen Arafat Adetto

Yeasen in 2023
Native name Yeasen
Born 16 july 2005
Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Artist & Photographer.
Known for Photography.
Religion Muslim (Sunni)


Yeasen Arafat Adetto - (ইয়াসিন আরাফাত আদিত্য born 16 July 2005) from Bangladesh and He is a Bangladeshi Artist. [1] As well as he's a photographer [2] and Ancient Fort video maker. People known as Dada AsTra [3] as for Music Video on YouTube.


Yeasen Arafat Adetto completed high school from Government Laboratory High School

He was famous in school for athletes, Goalkeeper , Attacking Mid of Football. He could have performed well in these 2 position.


Yeasen Arafat Adetto [4] starting photography whatever he was an ancient videographer [5] to his videos. He will be a web developer in future at the end he's working to Photography.


Yeasen Arafat Adetto's father name is Md. Jahangir Alam [6] and he is vice president of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission (BHRC) [7] and his mother name is Mst Khyrun Nesa , she is a housewife. Yeasen Arafat Adetto's sister(s) name is Jannat [8] and Mim.


Yeasen Arafat Adetto likes photography and That’s upload In Yeasen's website. [9]

Favorite Games



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