Yariel Valdés González

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Yariel Valdés González
Born 1990 (age 28–29)
Nationality Cuban
Occupation journalist
Known for ICE has appealed his asylum, and keeps him in custody

Yariel Valdés González is a Cuban journalist, who sought asylum in the United States.[1][2][3][4] Gonzalez had worked for Vanguardia, the largest newspaper in Las Villas before he triggered the attention of Cuban security officials, by accepting freelance assignments from foriegn news organizations.[5]

Security officials started harrassing Gonzalez in 2018.[6] It took months for Gonzalez to find a way to leave Cuba. He finally got permission to attend a conference in Colombia. He described feeling fear of deportation back to Cuba,when he booked a flight from Colombia to Mexico, and while he made his way to the border crossing at Calexico, California. He legally crossed into the USA on March 27, 2019.[7]

He was granted asylum on September 18, 2019, but he remained in custody when the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement appealed that decision.[8]

According to the Southern Poverty Legal Center ICE transfers immigration detainees to facilities in isolated rural Louisiana to impede their access to legal help.


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