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Education University of Zulia in Venezuela

Yanelisa an accomplished actress and singer-songwriter, has been leaving an indelible mark in the entertainment sphere. Her talent garnered attention when she was featured in Billboard.com's 2018 article, "Venezuela's Summer Video Playlist: 10 Local Stars on the Rise." Amid the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, she showcased her prowess by portraying the lead character, Belen Martinez, in the Atlanta-filmed short film "Housegirl."

Her versatility extended to television, where she mesmerized audiences as Veronica in the fourth season of "Atlanta FX," a series available for streaming on Hulu. Yanelisa's guest appearance as Lucia Benitez in NBC's "Law & Order: SVU" and her role as Satcha Moncado in the TV series "FOUND" underscore her ability to inhabit diverse characters with finesse. With a blend of talent, dedication, and a growing list of notable performances, Yanelisa continues to carve her path as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Yanelisa's journey began in Venezuela, where she was born to Colombian parents, infusing her life with a rich cultural tapestry from the onset. Her formative years were likely steeped in a blend of Colombian traditions and the vibrant arts and music scene of Venezuela. Though specifics about her childhood are less publicly known, it's evident that her upbringing laid the foundation for her eventual artistic pursuits.

Growing up in a household that valued creativity and expression, Yanelisa likely discovered her passion for the performing arts early on. Whether through local cultural events, family influences, or her own innate drive, she found herself drawn to storytelling, acting, and the power of music as a means of self-expression.

Personal Life

Yanelisa tends to maintain a certain level of privacy regarding her personal life, preferring to keep the focus on her career and artistic endeavors. Her dedication to her craft shines through in interviews and public appearances, demonstrating a genuine commitment to honing her skills and exploring diverse roles within the entertainment industry. While she may keep her personal life out of the spotlight, her dedication to her artistry remains a prominent aspect of her public persona.


Yanelisa's career is a testament to her talent, versatility, and commitment to her craft. Her breakthrough moment came in 2018 when Billboard.com featured her in an article titled "Venezuela's Summer Video Playlist: 10 Local Stars on the Rise." This recognition signaled her emergence as a promising talent within the Venezuelan entertainment landscape.

The year 2020 brought pivotal roles that further solidified her presence in the industry. She portrayed the lead character, Belen Martinez, in the short film "Housegirl," filmed in Atlanta during the pandemic. Simultaneously, she joined the cast of the acclaimed TV series "Atlanta FX" during its fourth season, captivating audiences with her portrayal of Veronica. This series, available for streaming on Hulu, showcased Yanelisa's ability to navigate complex characters within a highly acclaimed production.

In addition to her work on "Atlanta FX," Yanelisa showcased her versatility by making a guest appearance on the widely popular TV series "Law & Order: SVU." Her portrayal of Lucia Benitez on NBC added to her repertoire of diverse roles, further highlighting her range as an actress.

Further contributing to her extensive body of work, Yanelisa took on the role of Satcha Moncado in the TV series "FOUND," showcasing her adaptability across various narratives and character dynamics.

Throughout her career, Yanelisa has consistently demonstrated her talent, dedication, and range as an actress. Her ability to immerse herself in diverse roles across different genres has earned her recognition and solidified her position as a rising star in the entertainment industry.





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