YBZ Vandr

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YBZ Vandr
Born December 19, 2005 (2005-12-19) (age 17)
Chicago, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Musician, Rapper
Notable works One Step Away (Song), Don't Know Where it Goes (Song), and Right Time (Song)

YBZ Vandr was born on December 19, 2005, in Chicago, Il. He is an American rapper and producer. YBZ produces meaningful hip-hop songs with a nostalgic feel over general guitar rhythms. [1]


YBZ had a love for making things as a young youngster. He started a modest company fixing computers in my neighborhood when he was 8 years old. He eventually learned how to code a result, and he went on to produce mobile games that he uploaded to the app store. He finally developed a passion for music production thanks to his interest in computers and his love of music. When he was 13 years old, he started making his own beats and soon started writing and recording vocals over them. YBZ was able to make connections with other musicians and business insiders while growing up just outside of Chicago. YBZ wants to create music that makes listeners feel that they can relate to it and that they are not suffering in silence. [2]

Career and Accomplishments

At the beginning of his career, YBZ released songs with no thought of it being noticed. He started off treating it as a pastime, but as it gained popularity, he started to take it more seriously. Artists like Lil Noodle began to contact him as his fan base swelled. He developed a relationship with him, and after meeting with him in downtown Chicago, the two of them created a song together. In order to acquire greater popularity, YBZ started to develop music videos and content of a better caliber. He began collaborating with highly skilled industry videographers and began producing high-caliber material. More recently, he collaborated on a collaboration with Jesus Honcho, a Gold Record Award-winning musician best known for the popular song "Infatuated". YBZ has released songs in collaboration with Lil Noodle and Jesus Honcho, a Gold Record Award winner. His song has received hundreds of thousands of streams on various platforms. [3]

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