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Mythic Legions character
Xylona paint sample
First appearance

Mythic Legions Book 1, February 2017
Created by

Four Horsemen Studios
Species Elder Frost Deer
Occupation God

Saviors of the Light

Xylona is a fictional character from the Mythic Legions series introduced in 2017. She is a heroic member of Saviors of the Light.

Mythic Legions


Xylona is a fictional character in Mythic Legions series. She is a heroic archer and member of the Saviors of the Light. She is described as a righteous and unyielding force of nature. She is worshipped by Xylona's Flock.


The Xylona toy was funded by the second Mythic Legions Action Figures Kickstarter campaign in 2017. She was unlocked when the campaign raised over $510,000 and was available as a $33 add-on. Because of further stretch unlocked goals in the campaign she was given an extra quiver and sword.[1]

In June 2018 a picture of Xylona in test packaging was posted online. Advent of Decay was expected to ship from the factory in July.[2]

The Advent of Decay test shots were sold online and shipped in August 2018.

The Advent of Decay figures were shipped in October 2018.

Fictional biography

One of the Four Legendary Beasts that destroyed and decimated the unholy evils that once plagued ancient Mythoss. Xylona now serves as a symbol of hope to her flock. Wielding the Silverchord, a staghorn longbow able to fire magically-charged elemental arrows. Xylona's elegant use of deadly force was much feared in battle. Once order was restored her namesake army, Xylona's Flock pledged to carry her legacy forward in the wake of her disappearance.


The Saviors of the Light

In Mythic Legions Book 1 a troubadour sang a song that mentioned four Saviors of the Light, a group that included Xylona.


  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Xylona (2018)
A 1:12 scale figure by Four Horsemen. This figure has a new head and uses many parts first used on other figures in the line. Comes with a bow, quiver, sword and 2-part staff.
  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Xylona Test Shot (2018)
An unpainted version of the figure in grey plastic limited to 10 pieces.[3]



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