X-ON Electronics

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X-ON Electronics
Industry Online distributor
Founder(s) Rob Tincey
Area served Worldwide
Website www.x-on.com.au

X-ON Electronics is a leading Australian multinational distributor of electrical components based in Perth, Australia.[1]

Founded by Rob Tincey, the company has offices throughout Australia and Asia.[1] The company has a reputed name and has state-of-the-art tools which provide quick discovery through part number, quote using bill of materials (BOMs), and can turbo quote multiple lists within seconds.[2]

The company has low minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements and provides access to over three million parts from more than thirteen hundred manufacturers which are based in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.[1]


Founded in the 1980s by Rob Tincey in Perth Australia.[3] Its origins are in product catalogues, from which it developed into a completely online catalogue supplier in order to make it easier to parts for engineers and purchasers.[1]

In 2017, the company relocated its IT department from Australia to India.[4]

In 2021, the company opened an office in India.[5]

Main product categories

  • Circuit Protection[6]
  • Connectors[7]
  • Electromechanical[8]
  • Embedded Solutions[9]
  • Enclosures[10]
  • Optoelectronics[11]
  • Passive Components[12]
  • Power[13]
  • Semiconductors[14]
  • Sensors[15]
  • Test & Measurement[16]
  • Thermal Management[17]
  • Tools & Supplies[18]
  • Wire & Cable[19]
  • Robotics & Prototyping[20]


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