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Founded 2007
Website https://wefix.it/
Formerly called

WeFix.it, formerly known as iFixiPhone and re-branded in July 2023, is an Italian[1] web company based in Rome, Italy.[2][3][4]



Founded in 2007,[5] the company commenced its repair operations a few months after the launch of the iPhone 2 by Apple;  delivering services via express courier throughout Italy under the name iFixiPhone.[6][7]

Over the years, iFixiPhone expanded its repair services to include devices such as tablets, iPads, Androids, and smartphones from brands like Samsung and Huawei.[8] The company rebranded as iFix-iPhone.com, maintaining a Service Level Agreement of 12 months guarantee, 24 hours turnaround time and promotional pricing.[9]


Responding to the growing demand for fast, secure, high-quality, and affordable device repairs, the company evolved its services. Embracing the founders motto "the best way to fix your device," iFix-iPhone transitioned from a singular repair entity to a network of qualified local repair shops adhering to the new standards: 30 minutes average repair time, promotional pricing, quality spare parts, and a 12-month guarantee repairs. The logo incorporated a geolocation marker, and the company transformed into a smartphone repair booking platform, meticulously exploring the Italian territory to discover top independent repair shops. Each shop was assigned an exclusivity area, monitored by iFix-iPhone operators to ensure adherence to Service Level Agreements (mostly: technical, ethical, commercial and behavioural).[10]

Latest Years

Introducing the WeFix.it method, the company identifies the best local repair shops, allowing users to book services through the platform for:

  1. A repair within 30 minutes or 1 hour (depending on the model and issue).
  2. A 12-month guarantee.
  3. Promotional pricing.
  4. Full shop address and contacts.
  5. An automatically assigned technician dedicated to the customer.

In 2023, the company expanded its services to include not only iPhone repairs but also repairs for tablets, smartwatches, and PCs from all brands. Consequently, the company adopted the name WeFix.it to better represent the collective of local shops.[11]

The AI in WeFix.it

The company self-developed an AI able to determine the best local price per each area and fixing combining 20 parameters such as: average price of the spare parts in the area, cost of living in the area, cost of labour in the area and so on.[12]

Artificial Intelligence is also used by WeFix.it to help insurance companies determine statistics for appraisals and calculations of limits.

Some data is also disseminated in favor of journalists and students carrying out sector studies.

Social Impact

WeFix.it plays a vital role in supporting local entrepreneurs, helping them navigate a competitive market and stay updated in commercial and technical terms. Beyond commerce, the company actively contributes to the fight against pollution and e-waste reduction. Since 2018, WeFix.it collaborates with the European Greens Party and the European network Right To Repair.[13][14]

Currently supports and endorse activities for the electronic device collection and correct recycling.

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