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A visual artist is a professional who creates art in the form of photography, paintings, sculptures, drawings or graphic designs. Visual artists may work on a freelance basis, which involves creating art and selling it to a gallery, company or private client. They may also work in a variety of fields, like marketing or design, using their artistic abilities to help a company create branded content. Professionally, a visual artist may complete work for these purposes:

•Decorative purposes: Visual artists may create decorative art to create an appealing look inside of a commercial or residential building. For example, companies may commission visual artists to create decorative art for their offices, or individuals may hire visual artists to create visual art for their homes.

•Commercial purposes: This is the most common type of visual art, which involves a company hiring a visual artist to create art for marketing and advertising purposes. These types of artists may also work in the video game, film or publishing industries in various stages of production.

•Fine art purposes: Visual artists may create fine art to place in a gallery or museum. When creating fine art, visual artists typically have a message they're trying to convey or express through their art piece.