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VBro Production
Native name विब्रो प्रोडक्शन ( विश्वकर्मा ब्रदर प्रोडक्शन)
Type Private Limited Company
Industry Entertainment
Genre Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Suspense
Founder(s) Raaj Vishwakarma
Headquarters India
Key people Raaj Vishwakarma
Shashi Vishwakarma
Products Short Film Production
Short Film Distribution
Owner(s) Raaj Vishwakarma
Website https://vbroproduction.blogspot.com/

Vishwakarma Brother Production Pvt. Ltd. is a Domestic production company[1]. Based in Rajapur, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh it mainly produces Hindi Short Film[2].


VBro Production is an Indian domestic Short-film production house and distribution company established by Raaj Vishwakarma and his cousin Shivam Vishwakarma (former CFO). In 2016. Raaj Vishwakarma is the Founder and CEO of VBro Production and his sister Shashi Vishwakarma is the present CFO and Production manager, she also write stories for short films. In September 2016, Shivam Vishwakarma breaks all ties with VBro Production and sells all his rights to Raaj Vishwakarma. Now in the VBro Production (Vishwakarma Brother Production), Shivam has no interference and authority of any kind. After Shivam sold the contract and rights of the VBro Production, Raaj Vishwakarma made his sister an officer of the VBro Production. Raaj Vishwakarma's sister Shashi appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the VBro Production (Vishwakarma Brother Production). Shivam VIshwakarma is the Former CFO and Member of VBro Production.

VBro Production Member


  • Raaj Vishwakarma
  • Shivam Goswami
  • Suryanshu Jaisawl
  • Nikhil Modanwal
  • Pm Pratap (Former)
  • Sandeep Mishra (former)


The company's first production was Raaj Vishwakarma's Contract Killer the beginning[3] , previously known as: The murder mystery 1 upcoming film (2017) starring Raaj Vishwakarma, Sachin Soni, and Hari Garg.

Short film

Year Short-Film Cast Director Producer(s) Notes Watch
2017 Contract Killer The Beginning Raaj Vishwakarma, Sachin Soni, Hari Garg Raaj Vishwakarma Raaj Vishwakarma, Shashi Vishwakarma Produced under VBro Production and Distribute by Bundela Boys On Youtube
2017 Contract Killer Talaash Raaj Vishwakarma, Sachin Soni, Shivam Vishwakarma, Prince Jaiswal, Aman Gupta, Vikas Soni (narrator) Raaj Vishwakarma Raaj Vishwakarma Produced under VBro Production and Distribute by Bundela Boys On Youtube

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