Võ Gia An

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Vo Gia An

Author information
Native name Võ Gia An
Born 07 March, 1998
Binh Dinh, Viet Nam
Nationality Viet Nam
Occupation Actor,Model
Years active 2021
Known for Actor and model
Height 182 cm

Võ Gia An (born March 07, 1998 in Binh Dinh) He is a model for fashion brands. Not only that, he also participates in many other fields such as acting, filming, advertising ...


Võ Gia An As one of the models of the genZ generation, young Vo Gia An currently possesses a desirable appearance with a handsome appearance and a confident demeanor when standing in front of the camera. Ever since he was in school, young Vo Gia An has shown his self-confident spirit when standing on stage, surprising many students because of his attractive appearance Also thanks to his balanced appearance, angular face and toned 6-pack body, Vo Gia An has really won the hearts of many girls through his personality fashion photos. However, not because of his desirable appearance, this young man is complacent and does not care about his own level..

Future plan

Võ Gia An Currently, his main job is modeling for fashion brands. Not only that, but he also tried many other fields such as acting, acting, acting in commercials, etc. Although it is not his main job, he always fulfills his duties well. In particular, the young Vo Gia An also intends to develop more acting skills and wants to participate in big film projects.

Current occupation

Actor and model

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