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Utien Pack Co., Ltd Ponishare-verified.png
Established 1994
Founder Jiliang Yu
Type Private
Location Shaoxing, China
Products Thermoforming Packaging Machines, Tray Sealers, Vacuum Machines, Compress Packaging Machines, Ultrasonic Tube Sealers, Banner Welder
Website utien.com

Utien Pack is renowned for its ability to provide specialized packaging solutions, catering to a diverse set of industries such as food, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and daily-use chemicals. The company's mission is to offer products that enhance value for its customers and ensure safety in day-to-day life.[1]

Utien Pack Co., Ltd. emphasizes high efficiency, safety, and energy conservation in its product research and development. The company's campus, spanning 16,000 square meters, comprises multiple facilities, including office buildings, production workshops, and dormitories. These facilities not only support the company's operational needs but also the well-being of its employees.[2]


Utien Pack Co., Ltd., based in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, is a technological enterprise established in 1994. With nearly three decades of experience, the company has solidified its reputation in the Chinese packaging industry.[3]


With over 40 national patents to its name, Utien Pack stands as a testament to the innovation in the packaging domain.

Ensuring quality and adherence to international standards, Utien Pack Co., Ltd. has procured several certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate of conformity (CE)
  • Ente Certificazione Macchine (ECM)
  • Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC)

Through its commitment to innovation and efficiency, Utien Pack endeavors to craft a future where packaging solutions are both advanced and sustainable.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the most creative and top-quality packaging solutions to our customers worldwide. With a team of professional engineers with decades’ experience, we have achieved over 40 intellectual patents in cutting-edge technology. We’re always upgrading our machines with the latest technology.[4]

By creating product value to our customers with our rich experience, we aim to be the leading manufacturer in packing machine industry. With the commission of being honest, efficient, professional and creative, we endeavor to offer our customers most satisfactory packaging proposal. In a word, we share no efforts to provide most efficient packaging solution by maintaining the original value and maximize additional value for their products.


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