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Mathew emanuell chaburuma Ponishare-verified.png

Picture of Mathew emanuell chaburuma
Native name matheo Emanuell
Born 06/10/2000
ilala, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Nationality Tanzanian
Education The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy- Diploma in ICT by MNMA.
Occupation Software Development
Years active 2018 - At present
Height 5.4"Inc
Parents Riziki Chaburuma, Mgayo chuma

Mathew chaburuma well known as Mathew emanuell chaburuma is a Tanzanian Internet entrepreneur and software developer, Also Mathew is a Founder and owner of Blmsoft(Blmtec) company located at Dar es salaam Tanzania, thats operate BlmAcademy , ChuoApp Messenger and ChuoApp social .


He studied at East Coast School and completed his SSC 2017. He then earned his OD.ICT in MNMA(The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy). Mathew graduated from Information and Communication Technology under The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy in 2021 with a Diploma of ICT (OD.ICT). He is currently studying for a Degree (BSC) at University .

Early Life

Mathew emanuell chaburuma is born in Dar es salaam Tanzania, and started studies hia primary education at Iringa , then he goes to start Ordinary education at eas coast secondary school located at kibaha pwani. He has already started working with a big dream for him. Mathew emanuell chaburuma was born on 06 Oct 2000 in Dar es salaam Tanzania. He is a young software developer leader. At the age of 18, he is stepping into the digital world and moving forward with determination by extending a helping hand, including standing by the side of others, creating alternatives to potential intelligence.


Mathew emanuell chaburuma is well known for his involvement with important local, national and international organizations. He is often the dominant global digital news and software development maker. Some of softwares which developed by blmsoft are ChuoApp messenger and ChuoApp social also they plan to develop a battleground game for Africans(Africa Mobile Battleground) so they can connect people to that game we dream to conect people together, we collect money to build better service


this is a software company started in 2018 by Mathew chaburuma and Mr. Eric Mosha, and Mr. Owem Ekpo as a partener the main purpose of this company is to help peoples to start their own software also we provide ideas to alot off people on how to start their company and also teaching them on how to develop mobile application also software Also we operate BlmAcademy(Online school).

Personal Life

Mathew emanuell chaburuma is a unmarried person, Mathew was born in a middle family and Who grew up at Dar es salaam, Ilala District. Mathew emanuell chaburuma family's is educated and peace. His father is a driver and mother is house wife. Here's family 5 members, (Parents) riziki chaburuma , Mgayo chuma. And his parents' 3 sons they're Fadhili riziki chaburuma, Mathew emanuell chaburuma, Elia riziki chaburuma those (no daughters).